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Balance Training & The Athlete!

I am often asked of my own grueling training demands and how my athletes and have developed extreme physical abilities. The answer comes easily in the guarded wording of balance. Learn why ...

I am often asked of my own grueling training demands and how my athletes and have developed extreme physical abilities. The answer comes easily in the guarded wording of "balance". In a peculiar twist of words, "balance" is in-fact not a section of training but more accurately the manifestation of correct training protocols.

What Is Balance?

"Balance" is not-only the all-encompassing ability to control body movement but also (it cannot be stressed enough!) it is also the totality of balance and self-fulfillment in life. As the years of experience with tell us, patience is the key to possess this magical ability. Balance can be attained through adherence to the renegade concepts of training and movement generation.

Physiologically-speaking, balance training is often grossly misunderstood as "functional training". Zealots promote what has become the flavor-of-the week in health and fitness. While many hide behind myriad gadgets and slick marketing terms, improving balance is a path laid first with the recognition of training:

  1. Movement not musculature.
  2. The core first and not the extremities.
  3. The ability to stabilize movement in the most destabilized environments through proper postural alignment.

Balance training is en vogue as the hungry fitness industry recognizes the opportunity to pimp gadgets, but was ignored for the most part for the last 50 years.

This is a move to make exercise easier, less "dangerous", more compact and isolated. The simple recognition of concepts, that the body was meant to move in a single harmonious fashion and overtake challenges has been all-but forgotten. Despite the advent of the fitness revolution, the nation's level of health has deteriorated to pathetic levels. It is initiated in early-childhood development, but incorporates an equal destruction of "balance" abilities.

The rich diversity of exercise and activity-based games and chores that a child/teen experienced years ago has now been replaced with the ever-present video game. This trend is not limited to children. Adult life-style is significantly less physically challenging. For those who engage in exercise, the selection of activities is extremely limited and often machine-based resistance training. This inactivity directly weakens the body over time by eliminating core-activation.

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Stimulation needs vary to avoid adaptation to movement but also to assist in the development of a wide spectrum of different attributes adhering to the afore-mentioned renegade concepts.

Where Is The Balance Section?

Any student of my work will tell you there is actually no "balance" section within the actual application of Renegade concepts and program design. It is all actually layered throughout the entire body of work, whether it be something as simple as varying work surface (from simpler choices of lifting platforms or soft sandy surfaces to more extreme of the Indo Board), aggressive protocols with imperfection training, blindfolded lifts or likely the easiest adjustment to training, the wearing of the Xvest.

With every level of our work "balance" or more accurately, postural adherence training is integrated - whether it be in earliest stages as the wheelbarrow walks, Overhead Squats, hybrid movements to the aggressive progressions that include Indo Board training or hyper-core loading with the Xvest.

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While I noted the rush toward gadgetry in the fitness industry, I would be remiss not to note two indispensable items to any training room, much like a barbell or skipping rope - the Indo Board and the Xvest. The Indo is one of the most important and powerful training mediums at an athlete's disposal but equally so - the most misunderstood by those who ignorantly mistake it as a sedentary "wobble board" where your feet remain affixed during training.

For every user to Indo, care must be taken to ensure picture-perfect posture is maintained and never strayed from. If performed properly it will assist with virtually every "spoke" in the "wheel of conditioning" of athletic performance enhancement, re-hab work, improving aesthetics and has had dramatic impact in areas few consider such as torso angle in squatting and thus in-turn improving maximum effort lift totals.

Doubly so, in conjunction with the Xvest and its enormously diverse use - balance, postural training is perfected and performance improves exponentially.

In an upcoming series we will begin to examine the impact of postural training through all components of your training.