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What Is A 'Real-World Champion'? Drive & Determination Are All You Need!

I found that to achieve your goals, you had to have that same motivation, that same drive as all the stars ... How can an average 9-to-5 office worker dig up the same drive? The ideas are simple but the effort is not free!

Article Summary:
  • Few people will ever hold the title of world champion.
  • Everyone should see themselves as a champion defending their title.
  • Remember, you are doing this because it is important to you.

  • What Is A 'Real-World Champion'?
    Drive & Determination Are All You Need!

    If you go to and type in the world champion, there is a definition.

    "One that is clearly superior or has the attributes of a winner"

    Here is another one for champion.

    "One who fights; a warrior."

    We have all seen the Ultimate Fighting Championship, World Wrestling Entertainment, or any boxing event where the main event is a world championship match. At the end of the event, you always hear the ring announcer or the voice of the octagon make an announcement sounding similar to something like this:

    "Your winner, and the Heavyweight Champion Of The World ..."

    There Is Something About Getting Your Hand Raised And Hearing The Praises Of The Crowd.
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    There is something about getting your hand
    raised and hearing the praises of the crowd.

    There is something about being the one getting your hand raised by the official and hearing the praises and the jubilation of the crowd as the realization sinks in that you are the best in the field you have chosen to pursue. You are the World Champion! No one on planet Earth is better than you. Can you imagine that feeling?

    I can imagine. The cameras flashing over and over. The entire arena is there to watch you celebrate your accomplishment. You go out with your friends and family to celebrate your title victory. The world, at least for that night is your oyster. That trophy or belt probably doesn't get put down for days or weeks at a time.

    A Key To Success

      I think you now have the picture. For every one person who can call himself a champion of the world, there are at least thousands of people who will never live to know that experience. No 25,000-seat arenas, no pay-per-view buy rates, no title belt or championship ring. We just go on with our lives watching these remarkable athletes and just wonder.

      Or do we? I found that being motivated was a key to success in bodybuilding. I found that to achieve your goals, you had to have that same motivation, that same drive as all the stars and performers on those grand stages.

    All This For A Lousy $15 Trophy?
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    All This For A Lousy $15 Trophy?
    YOU BET!! Ahead of me is the greatest challenge of my life. The prize will be the title of Over 70 National Bodybuilding Champion. It lies 2128 miles due east and one year from today.
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      But how can an average 9-to-5 office worker dig up the drive or motivation that a championship caliber athlete has? I basically pictured myself as a world champion entering the ring every time I went to the weight room or getting ready to go on that run or hitting the elliptical. With every leg day, with every 60 minutes of cardio, I was defending my title.

      Why can't someone in the "real world" have the same feeling that a world champion gets to enjoy? So what if I am an average citizen in the real world? In my mind I am a world champion when I go to the gym. And that was when it dawned on me. I wasn't just a champion, I was a "Real-World Champion."

      And my new favorite phrase was born. I am a "Real-World Champion." I am a champion for bodybuilding and fitness, but an actual real-world guy. You won't see me on TV, you won't see me take a 5-minute walk to the ring with a 50-person entourage, and I won't come out of the locker room with a fancy gold belt around my waist.

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      You can bet your bottom dollar, however, that I want to reach my goals as bad if not more so than those champions on TV. Why wouldn't I? I might not have as much money as they do, but I have my own reasons to succeed. Family, friends, and inspiring others to achieve their dreams means more to me than a paycheck.

      And you know the best part of being a "Real-World Champion?" Unlike the UFC, WWE, or the Super Bowl in the NFL, anyone can be a "Real-World Champion." Yes, even you, the bartender, mailman, garbage collector, or waitress can become a champion of the real world.

      So what if you are not training for the Olympics? Is what you are doing important to you? If it isn't, why do it? I thought so. It is important to you. It is important to your family and friends. Why shouldn't you take your goals as seriously as a competitive athlete takes theirs? You should.

    Firing Up Motivation!
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    Firing Up Motivation!
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    Marie Spano

      There should be absolutely no doubt in your mind that what you are doing is important. You going to the gym every day is inspiration to someone whether you intend to inspire that person or not. In that person's mind, you are a champion. That person wants to do what you do.

      Just think about it when you are tying your shoes and getting into your zone. You are a champion and today you are going to go prove it again. No one is getting in your way to the championship. No one can stop you. That is your championship to win. It will still require all the focus you can give and all the heart you can muster.

    It Will Require All The Focus You Can Give And All The Heart You Can Muster.
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    It will require all the focus you can
    give and all the heart you can muster.

      You have to put the same effort in today as the guys you will watch on pay-per-view tonight. There really is no difference. If you even begin to think about taking it easy today or just staying home for a couple of days then you aren't earning that championship you treasure.

    Are you a 'Real-World Champion?'

    Look in that mirror and ask yourself if you are going to go out there and show yourself why you are a bodybuilder, a champion of the real-world, a person who goes after the goals with all the drive, focus, and determination as any World Series Most Valuable Player, any Mr. Olympia, or winner of the NBA Finals.

    Do you train with the same determination as a professional athlete?

    Yes, to the point I became a professional athlete.
    Yes I push myself all day every day.
    Almost. I could push harder.
    No, not at all.

    Are you going to show yourself and those who have inspired you as well as those you are inspiring that you have the attributes of a winner? If you look in that mirror, ask yourselves those questions, and tell yourself, "Yes I can and yes I am!" Then allow me to be the first to congratulate you and announce you as a "Real-World Champion!"

    Roger W. "ROCK" Lockridge

    "Real-World Champion"