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Gym Etiquette: Are You The Gym Jerk?

Are you the gym jerk? Or the bodybuilding brother? Read about gym etiquette here and find out which role you play!

Gym etiquette is the ethics of sharing workout equipment should the situation arise. There are other kinds of gym etiquette like re-racking weights, etc but this article will focus on respect toward others. Lacking gym etiquette is an attitude of resentment.

What ... You mean no sense of shame?


Those who have no gym etiquette possess an ill will toward others who possess the will to power in their workouts! Those who lack gym etiquette are those who fart around doodling and dabbling with time having no consideration of self or others and know no shame!

For those who know me, seen the way I train with a plan in mind, seek to resolve it in a certain amount of time and intensity know that I mean business in pursuit of MORE LIFE through fitness! For those who do not respect common sense gym etiquette I have neither the time nor patience.

Scenario 1
The Jerk - Thursday, June 12th

I walk into the leg room. A novice who I have seen before on occasions is doing squats in the ONLY SQUAT RACK in the gym. He finishes and I ask him how many sets he has left. He replies "three." That would leave me enough time to complete my three sets of seated calf raises I thought. During my sets of seated calf raises I noticed this novice going from squats to deadlifts to standing calf raises in a very slow manner. If this novice is tri-setting, I mean really tri-setting, he should be moving a bit faster, excuse me! I finished my sets but he was still playing around with his.

At this point I nearly demanded we work squats in together. He mumbled and groaned by ignoring my suggestion when he jumped in to do another set of squats. I was getting so heated and impatient with this moron that I did a set of deads with his 185 pounds he had set up. After finishing the set of deads for 10 easy reps I paced back and fourth really getting irritated because he was still hogging the damn squat rack with no intention of me working in!

Finally, he finished his set. He racked his 185 pounds he had on the bar. Immediately, I abruptly went over to one end and took off a quarter to set up to do a warm-up set of squats with the intention of putting the weight back on for him for his next set. He looked at me in disgust and then I said in a belligerent tone, "We can work in together!" and added, "You are tri-setting, right?" He mumbled and groaned while looking half way up at me and shook his head from side to side to signify disgust at my suggestion of working out together in the squat rack.

"What is the matter with this dim wit!" I was thinking. "You've got to train hard, not long. You've got to have a plan and resolve to complete it in a timely fashion to keep the intensity up to get real results!" "You've got to move and keep on moving in pursuit of MORE LIFE! Consider yourself and have consideration for others. WE are in this together. The gym and the reason for US all being there ties us together like a single thread," I reflected in a philosophical manner. "I have no time for jerks like him who waste their time and the time of others!" I said to myself and completed my two quick sets.

Scenario 2
The Brother - Friday, June 13th

The next day during my workout I was approaching my chest routine and went over to the bench press. I saw 155 pounds already on the bar. I anticipated that someone was still using it but perhaps left briefly to get a drink of water. If that is the case, "A quick set probably won't hurt," I thought. Just when I put down my towel on the bench I saw a gym member approaching me and the bench. I asked him if he was working out on this bench. He said he was, but suggested that we could work in together. I asked him if he was sure and he said he was.

Very brief, simple, and considerate and not drawn out, complicated and resentful like scenario one!

Are You A Gym Jerk?

This falls into another kind of gym etiquette but nonetheless related to! How do you rate your gym etiquette?

Rate Your Etiquette!

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