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Jennifer Hawkins - Bermuda Night Of Champions Figure Competitor!

Jennifer Hawkins has competed in the Bermuda Night Of Champions Figure Competition now for the last three years. Will she continue? Learn more about her right here in this great interview!

When you think of Bermuda you think of picturesque scenery and of course beautiful sunsets on the beach, but now when you think of Bermuda you'll think of Figure competitor Jennifer Hawkins.

OK Jennifer these are basic questions to get started and then we'll take off from there...

[ Q ] What is your height?

    Height: 5'6"

[ Q ] What is your weight?

    Weight: 130 lbs (off-season), 123 lbs (competition)

[ Q ] What is your eye color?

    Eye color: Blue

[ Q ] What are your other stats?

    Well my measurements are: 35-25-35

[ Q ] Where did you grow up?

    I live in Bermuda, but was born and raised in Canada.

[ Q ] What did you want to be when you grew up?

    I became interested in fitness in my last year of high school, and soon thereafter became a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer.

[ Q ] When did you get interested in competition?

    After university, where I graduated with a degree in Marketing, I moved from Canada to Bermuda and worked as a Fitness Promotions Coordinator for a local gym. The job included teaching aerobics, personal training, sales, member retention, etc. In 1998, I competed in a local fitness competition, and then in 2003 tried my hand at Figure. I have competed every year since.

[ Q ] What are your goals in this industry?

    My goal right now is to move more towards fitness modeling.

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[ Q ] What are your Strengths and weaknesses?

    My strength is my high metabolism and ability to get and stay lean. However, this is also somewhat of a disadvantage in that it takes a lot for me to put on muscle. I have to eat a lot of food to put on size. My goal this year is to pass the 130 lb mark. If I compete again in Figure, I'd like to come in around 128 instead of my usual 123.

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    I'd Like Come In Around 128.

[ Q ] How do you train? Give us a short workout for the week.

    Right now, I weight train 4 times a week. Because it's difficult for me to put on size, I shy away from cardio during the off-season, but I still incorporate 1 track/stair workout per week, as well as one workout where I do approximately 400 walking lunges up a very steep hill. My glutes need the work.

[ Q ] Is there anyone in the industry who you admire?

    There are so many girls in the industry I admire. I could write a very long list. One girl in particular however is Jenny Lynn. I think she looks great and she was very encouraging to me when she helped me prepare for my last competition in August 2005. My legs came in a lot harder than in the past!

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    Jenny Lynn.

[ Q ] Are you planing any shows in 2006?

    I am considering doing a show in either Canada or the U.S. in 2006, although I have not decided where or when. However, I'd prefer to do a show in the spring.

[ Q ] Does your travel from the islands play a big part in what shows you do?

    The local show is always in August and I really don't enjoy dieting for the whole summer! Flights can be expensive from Bermuda so ideally I would do a show on the East Coast of the United States or Toronto.

[ Q ] Here's a good one: is the dieting any different? The island food can't be the same as here, or is it? I would assume it's probably fresher there right?

    Food is very expensive in Bermuda, as are supplements, due to the fact that everything is shipped in. Even our produce is imported and tends to lack in quality as a result. It's not unreasonable to spend $50 on one bag of groceries here.

[ Q ] Are there any things different you have planed for your physique in 2006?

    Aside from putting on a bit of size, I'd like to achieve a denser look. My limbs and muscles really have that long lean look and it will take some more size and density to make my muscles look fuller. I'd like my shoulders to come in fuller, and my legs and glutes to come in shapelier and tighter.

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    I'd Like To Achieve A Denser Look.

[ Q ] Talking physiques, tell us about your PT business on the island?

    I am not a personal trainer, although I did work as a personal trainer at a local gym approximately 9 years ago. I gave it up to work in the business world.

[ Q ] Oh, my bad, I assumed you still where. Then what are your goals in this industry?

    My goals this year are to get into more of the fitness modeling industry, as opposed to figure competitions.

[ Q ] Be prepared, there are a lot of girls doing it. What kinds of modeling, if any do you like to do?

    I like to do print work, commercials, and runway modeling, particularly fitness clothing, swimsuits, and lingerie.

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    I Like Printwork.

[ Q ] Are you sponsored by anyone?

    Anita I don't have a sponsor. And I don't really know much about how to get a sponsor!

[ Q ] Well, get your pictures and resumes out to those places and businesses you're interested in, don't wait for them to come to you. Hey, Jennifer thanks for talking with me. Good luck in everything you do. Keep me posted OK?

    Thanks Anita, I will!