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Choose PBW's Most Memorable Moment - Bodybuilding Talk Radio Airs 75th Show!

As Pro Bodybuilding Weekly celebrates 75 hours on-the-air, we are taking a look back at some of the program's most memorable moments. Which episode was YOUR favorite? See what we have right here.

As "Pro Bodybuilding Weekly" celebrates 75 hours on-the-air, we are taking a look back at some of the program's most memorable moments. Which episode was YOUR favorite? Based on feedback and listener statistics, here's a list (in no particular order) of some of the moments that have made PBW the place to be for bodybuilding fans every Monday Night (8pm ET).

"Just One White Man's Opinion"

"Wayne Thought He Was Me"

    Ben Weider appears on PBW for a rare public interview. The IFBB co-founder comments publicly on topics ranging from Lee Priest's suspension to Wayne DeMilia's departure, just days before announcing his retirement.

    Guest: Ben Weider
    Date: 10/23/06
    (Radio Show 53) - mp3 (12.2 MB)

"I Will Find You... And I Will Humiliate And Embarrass You"

    The words of King Kamali were directed toward his online detractors during a June 2006 appearance on PBW. Kamali hints at a slander lawsuit during an interview that had everyone calling their lawyers.

    Guest: King Kamali
    Date: 06/12/06
    (Radio Show 40) - mp3 (14 MB)

"This Just In: The Fugitives Have Been Captured"

    During a special Friday broadcast on December 23rd, 2005, the news breaks that Titus & Ryan have been captured outside of Boston. The search comes to an end... and the story is just beginning.

    Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Murder Speculations
    Date: 12/23/05
    (Radio Show 23) - mp3 (11.1 MB)

"I Nearly Lost"

    PBW's visit with Governor Schwarzenegger includes a surprising admission, as Arnold concedes that he "nearly lost" the 1980 Olympia. During the 25 minute interview, The 7-Time Mr. Olympia shows off his impersonation skills, at the expense of Joe Weider and Franco Columbu.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Guest: Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Date: 02/12/07
    (Radio Show 62) - mp3 (13.2 MB)

"It's As Common As Toothpaste"

    Nasser El Sonbaty goes public with his opinion of Synthol use among his fellow IFBB pros. The former Olympia runner-up claims that nearly all bodybuilders have "experienced synthol".

    Guest: Nasser El Sonbaty
    Date: 02/05/07
    (Radio Show 61) - mp3 (15.1 MB)

Priest Under Fire:

    Controversial IFBB Pro Lee Priest faces off against a tag-team duo of Bob Cicherillo and Shawn Ray as he ponders a decision to compete in a new organization. In the end, all 3 walked away from the broadcast with only a few bumps and bruises.

    Guest: Lee Priest
    Date: 07/31/06
    (Radio Show 45) - mp3 (15 MB)

"I Thought It Would Be More Interesting"

    Former baseball All-Star Jose Canseco visits PBW and explains why he chose to identify the names of his fellow players in his best-selling Steroid tell-all book.

    Guest: Jose Canseco
    Date: 07/10/06
    (Radio Show 42) - mp3 (10.9 MB)

"If Chris Were A Girl, He'd Be A Diva"

    During the show's first season, Victor Martinez offers up his vision of Chris Cormier. The interview provided bodybuilding fans with some comic relief that would eventually be replayed more than 100,000 times.

    Guest: Victor Martinez
    Date: 08/22/05
    (Radio Show 10) - mp3 (13.0 MB)

A Full-Blown Come Back?

    Just days before the release of his new movie, Kevin Levrone stops by PBW to tell Dan & Bob that he plans to continue his pursuit of the Sandow Trophy.

    Kevin Levrone! Guest: Kevin Levrone
    Date: 04/02/07
    (Radio Show 69) - mp3 (13.9 MB)

"He's A Legend In His Own Mind"

What's YOUR Favorite Moment?

What's Your Favorite Episode Of Pro Bodybuilding Weekly?

2007 Season Premier With Ronnie Coleman.
Guest: Ben Weider.
Guest: King Kamali.
Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Murder Speculations.
Guest: Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Guest: Nasser El Sonbaty.
Guest: Lee Priest.
Guest: Jose Canseco.
Guest: Victor Martinez.

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