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Push Your Limits Six-Week Challenge Presented By And BSN

Shred Fat or Bulk Up: Your Choice. BSN is here to push you harder than ever before. and BSN present the Push Your Limits Six-Week Challenge - Shred versus Bulk - October 20-November 30 - Sara Solomon: Team Shred Captain - Ryan Hughes: Team Bulk Captain - $25,000 Is On The Line!

Meet The Grand Prize Winners

Team Shred


Just 3½ months after giving birth, Julia joined Team Shred and took on this challenge. This tough mother impressed us by annihilating 10 pounds of post-baby blubber.
Team Bulk


Everything is bigger in Texas, including our Team Bulk Grand Prize winner, Serapio. He packed on an incredible 10 pounds of rock-solid muscle to clench the title.

People's Choice Winner | Anthony


Your votes are in, and Anthony from Team Shred is your winner! This cut Canadian lost an astounding 6% of his body fat so we can 'mire his muscle mass in high def. He's also married to Grand Prize winner, Julia! Just goes to show you what a difference the right training partner can make.

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Your Next Chance To Win

Ready to tackle your next goal? Register today for the $200,000 Transformation Challenge. The earlier you register, the more chances you'll have to win $1,000 in-store credit in the weeks leading up to the Challenge.

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The Prizes

Grand Prize
(1 Team Shred &
1 Team Bulk Winner)

(USD) Cash

People's Choice
(1 Winner)

(USD) Cash

Runners Up
(20 Winners)

An appearance in a We 'Mirin Article

Weekly Winners

BSN Push Your Limits
Weekly Winners (6 Winners)

Check out the weekly Push Your Limits emails for videos from BSN athletes Ryan Hughes and Sara Solomon—they'll have a challenge to push you to your next-level limit. Complete the challenge, and you'll get a chance to win!

How The Challenge Works

October 13-19
Create A BodySpace Account

You'll need one to register and to get access to the tools you'll need for the next six weeks, like recipe ideas, workout trackers, stat logs, and more! Don't have one yet? Sign up now.

Pick Your Side
Shred versus Bulk

Are you going to torch fat or build new muscle? Pick your goal so you can get tailored advice on how to succeed. Some of our Weekly Challenges, will even be Team Shred Vs. Team Bulk. You'll come together with others that chose the same goal for a chance to be the Weekly Winner.

Register For The Challenge

Sign into your BodySpace account, then click the "Register With BodySpace" button on this page.

Take Your "Before" Photos and Upload Them
Before Photos

Upload your photos to the Progress Pics section of your BodySpace account before October 19.

Find A Plan
Find A Plan

Did you know that people who follow a plan are 3.7 times more likely to succeed? Choose the FREE fitness plan that's right for you.

October 20-November 30
Push Your
Push Your Limits

It's time to get real. Revamp your diet, hit the gym, and stick to your supplement stack.

Open Up Some

You'll get weekly emails with top tips, recipes, and supps from BSN athletes Ryan Hughes and Sara Solomon. Test yourself with the weekly challenges and compete against your rival Push Your Limits team—you could win big!

November 24-30
Show Off Your "After"
After Photos

Upload pictures of yourself to the Progress Pics section of your BodySpace account.

December 1-14
Be A

Judges will pick two hardworking grand prize winners, each taking home $10,000. We'll also open up the voting to select a $5,000 people's choice winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the contest work?

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Is the challenge free?

How and when will winners be chosen?

Is this contest open to U.S. Residents only?

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When does my official transformation period begin and end?

Can I change my start date and/or finish date?

Am I required to follow a recommended training plan
and/or purchase BSN supplements?

Is a workout or food log required?

How do I complete and submit my "before" and "after" photos?

Do I need to hold up a newspaper in all photos?

Will my pictures be private?

How do I become eligible for the Weekly Winner prize drawings?

What if my email address changes during the contest?