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Protein Technology Takes A Giant Step Forward.

Immunoglobulins are specific proteins found in whey protein that can markedly improve exercise recovery... Learn more about what this is and how it could help you.

February 2005

Lab Insider
In GLOB We Trust.

You may not have heard of immunoglobulins, but if you want to improve your body and athletic performance, you want them. Immunoglobulins are specific proteins found in whey protein that can markedly improve exercise recovery, leading to dramatic improvements in muscle size, quality and power.

They do this by strengthening your immune system - and a strong immune system is essential to making progress in the gym and playing field, not to mention important to your general health.

"Immunoglobulins can provide tremendous benefits to athletes and others interested in building muscle mass and enhancing recovery," says Eric Weaver, president and CEO of Proliant, Inc. "Your immune system has a direct impact on changing the metabolism of the body. That's why using immunoglobulin protein products can be a huge benefit to athletes."

Unfortunately, the immunoglobulin level in whey is too low to be effective, so Weaver's company developed NutraGammax and ImmunoLin, trademarked products which are protein isolates with more immunoglobulins and insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1) - a powerful anabolic nutrient - than most proteins available on the market.

"We license ImmunoLin and NutraGammax to various supplement manufacturers," states Weaver. "They're similar, with NutraGammax having an elevated immunoglobulin [Ig] and growth factor profile compared to regular whey proteins, while ImmunoLin has an even higher Ig profile by 50%."

Making Whey Way Better

These protein products are extremely beneficial because they provide much more immune system support than do ordinary proteins. "We believe that the body prioritizes protein usage based on what it perceives to be its greatest need," says Weaver.

For instance, when you're sick or overtrained, your body will tear down muscle tissue because your immune system has increased its demand for amino acids and the antibodies present in these proteins. "By providing them to your body in a supplemental form, you can help calm down your immune system."

In addition to all the basic protein benefits, these products can help reduce muscle soreness, improve joint health, and many other problems associated with inflammation.

Several products have licensed this protein technology from Proliant. Look for products that list ImmunoLin, NutraGammax, immunoglobulin concentrate, or serum protein isolate on their labels.

Physical Facts
Immunolin & Nutragammax.

What Are They?

    Protein technologies that increase the amount and availability of immunoglobulins and insulin growth factor-1 in whey protein.

What Is It For?

    Immunoglobulins and IGF-1 boost general immune system function and muscle recovery, which boosts muscle tissue repair and growth.

Anything Else?

    While it contains fewer immunoglobulins, a simple and inexpensive whey concentrate product is still a terrific investment when it comes to building muscle. But for immune system benefits that go beyond your bi's and tri's, look for the various protein types listed here.

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