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An Interview With Arena Football Player Saul Patu!

Saul Patu who is a leading QB sack leader tells us his story. Continue here to learn a little more about him.


I grew up in Seattle,Wa. I started playing organized football when I was 10-years old. I was bored a lot at home so I asked my mother to sign me up for a local team. I quit my first year because I didn't realize you had to workout to play football.

I thought you were just supposed to line up and play. I knew a lot of kids at schools that were playing so I decided I would try again the next year so I could compete with them. After making this decision, I have never looked back.

The person who motivated me the most growing up was my mother. To her, there was never anything I couldn't do, if I just put my mind to it. I didn't really look up to any pro sports players at the time because I learned to love the game in my basement with a balled-up sock and my older brother pounding me into the carpet. I didn't watch too much TV because it was always broken.

Saul Patu, Football Enthusiast
Since Childhood.

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I chose the University of Oregon because I was recruited well there, it was a PAC-10 school (meaning I could play the Huskies every year, my hometown team), and my recruiting trip was great. Some of my best accomplishments in college were: I came to know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I met my wife, I graduated, made amazing relationships with people, 2nd in sacks all-time, all-time leader in tackles-for-loss and several team and national honors.

In the NFL I was with 3 teams: Jets, Patriots and Titans before signing with the Colorado Crush of the AFL. I enjoyed my time in the NFL and would consider going back but I have loved my time in the AFL and with the Crush organization. It's exciting and a challenge to be able to play both ways. You must be in the best shape possible if you are going to make a difference.

An Exciting Challenge.
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I do a lot of strength and conditioning during the off-season. All the drills in my workout pertain to what I try to get my body and mind to do on the field. This helps me to get the best pressure on an opposing offense. It has been a pleasure to work for John Elway. I can be assured he is going to try and put the team in the best possible position to be a champion because he was also a player and a champion. He is close to the team and the coaches.

The feeling of winning an AFL championship is so fulfilling and worth all the hype, blood, sweat and tears endured during a grueling 19-game stretch. After the championship game my family took a week long vacation to a Six Flags Theme park and also visited with family.

AFL Championship Winners.


My diet consists of 6 meals a day with one "cheat" day during the week. I try not to over-eat and make sure most of what I'm eating is healthy. I have always eaten fairly healthy since college.


I take protein supplements, whole food vitamins, omega-3 pills, joint pills, energy pills etc. primarily all from They have aided myself by making me feel the best I can feel to get the most out of my training.

My opinions on steroids is that people don't need it except for medical attention because nothing substitutes hard work.


My advice to young football players is to pray hard and play hard. My favorite football moment was winning the AFL championship because it was my first championship of any kind.

Favorite Football Moment.

After football I plan to be active in communities across the world trying to make a positive impact on people's lives through pro-active ministry.

Last but not least I would like to thank for all their products and for all of the great advice and tips. Both were important ingredients to a championship season.