Pro-Level Legs: Eleonora Dobrinina's Superset Leg Bash

To compete in the WBFF, Eleonora Dobrinina has to sport strong legs that showcase incredible shape and definition. Try her superset workout to build your own stage-worthy lower body!

Pro-Level Legs: Eleonora Dobrinina's Superset Leg Bash banner

I love leg day! To me, it's the best training day of the week. I literally run to the gym on leg days to warm up and get my blood flowing before I hit the weights. I train legs twice per week, hard and heavy. My favorite method for training legs uses supersets, so that's what I have in store for you today.

Many women think that if they train their legs with heavy weight, they will get too big. Some ladies are afraid that hard training will make them look less feminine, which simply isn't true. Heavy lifting increases your metabolism, which allows you to stay in good shape much easier than women who never lift. Busting your butt won't make you a man; it will make you look healthy, fit, hot, and sexy! Lifting will also give you more confidence, I promise.

Leg Press

As a WBFF competitor, I have to sport shapely legs that showcase a certain amount of definition and feathering. One criterion in the fitness category is to show nice definition in your hamstrings, glutes, and, of course, calves.

To accomplish this, I train my legs regularly but give them ample time to recover between workouts. Muscles grow when you rest, and it is a big mistake to exhaust yourself by doing each body part every day. Be sure to rest 2-3 days between your legs workouts, especially if you train them heavy.

Barbell Speed Squat

Lean mass, great shape, and perfect proportion are signs of incredible discipline. Follow my workout and you can achieve all three. Don't be afraid of hard work and heavy lifting. If you don't already, you'll learn to love it!

Super Legs

This workout begins with a Smith machine split squat, which is a tough move to perform correctly. Before you dive in, make sure to watch the exercise guide! I love single-leg squats in the Smith machine because the added stability helps me focus on my glutes and hamstrings. Using a plyo box allows me to improve my strength while offering a greater range of motion to train my glutes.

Smith Machine Split Squat