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#1 Undefeated New York Pro Sensation Phil Heath Joins MET-Rx.

Find out the latest from MET-Rx as Phil Heath joins the team. Find out why they chose him to help promote their products and a little more background on his quick rise to success. Check it out.

"The Future of Bodybuilding" - Heath is the Rookie Everybody's Talking About.

arrow Joining MET-Rx

    Direct from his clean sweep of the 2006 IFBB Pro at the Tribeca Performing Arts center in New York City, Rookie Sensation, Phil Heath is joining the impressive line-up of World class bodybuilders who have joined the MET-Rx team.

    In recent history, only a handful of bodybuilders have made such an impact at their professional debuts that they've forced everyone to reevaluate their favorites.

Gift Wrapped - Phil Heath's Auspicious Debut! Gift Wrapped - Phil Heath's Auspicious Debut!
Phil Heath is seven for seven from the field on a bodybuilding stage. Here I'll discuss the controversy at the New York show and where he might place if he competes at the big dance.
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arrow Heath Background

    As Heath tells it, he's still amazed by his success, "Just last year, I was a fan reading about these guys, and now I'm beating them."

    But one look at the 26 year old, 215 lb Heath and you know he's a winner. Heath sports powerful 21" arms, massive 30" legs, 19" caves and a 28" waist in his remarkable 5'9" frame.

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Phil Heath: "The Future Of Bodybuilding."

    Prior to Bodybuilding, Heath played as a point/shooting guard on the University of Denver, Division 1 Men's basketball team. Amazingly, the Rookie only started training in 2002 and competed in his first bodybuilding contest in 2003, in which he won the overall men's title.

    Heath attributes his success to hard work, self-discipline, diet and the proper supplementation. Since he relied on MET-Rx products to help him get his body in the ultimate shape to become a champion, he is proud to represent the company.

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