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Bodybuilding Radio Scores Big Ratings!

What is Pro Bodybuilding Weekly and why was it created? Find out who created it and much more for the best in bodybuilding radio. Check it out!

Fans of professional bodybuilding have long craved new ways to quench their appetites for their favorite sport. In the past, followers of the iron game relied only on a few monthly magazines and a handful of bodybuilding web sites.

All of that changed when the bodybuilding world was introduced to the first talk radio show devoted exclusively to professional bodybuilding.

Created By...

    Created by Executive Producer Dan Solomon, the show is aptly titled, "Pro Bodybuilding Weekly". Solomon explains, "Bodybuilding fans deserve the opportunity to hear directly from the biggest stars in bodybuilding and fitness.

    Bob Cicherillo Magazines are loaded with great photos, but photos do not tell the whole story. Our show is giving these elite athletes a platform to speak directly to bodybuilding fans."

    Solomon, who also hosts the show, is joined each week by outspoken professional bodybuilder Bob Cicherillo for a worldwide listening audience.

Why Bodybuilding Radio?

    "When we created the show, our number one objective was to reach fans all over the globe." Solomon continues, "So we signed a contract with the world leader in online radio production and the results have been incredible."

    "Bodybuilding fans have really
    embraced the show."

    Ironman Magazine's Lonnie Teper named Solomon "Most Creative of 2005" for developing the show, which has already featured many of the biggest names in bodybuilding & fitness, the impressive list below.

    Pro Radio Interviews:

    In one of the show's more notable episodes, Dan and Bob were joined by Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan for a rare interview, just weeks before the couple was charged in the murder of 28 year old Melissa James.


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    In an effort to reach the largest possible audience, the show joined forces with, the number one most visited bodybuilding web site. As part of this deal, features a live broadcast feed directly at their site. In addition to the live weekly broadcasts, listeners can also enjoy on-demand replays and podcasts of all the shows.

    The listening audience has grown rapidly each week. According to tracking statistics, the show has enjoyed a significant increase in listeners of the live one-hour broadcasts (Mondays at 8 p.m. EST) as well as the on-demand replays.

    Solomon explains, "The audience numbers have reached levels that are very appealing to advertisers. In fact, 'Pro Bodybuilding Weekly' is currently the only media platform that allows advertisers to communicate a verbal message to a captive audience of serious bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts."

arrow The Next Season...

    On Monday, January 9th, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly will launch its 2006 broadcast season with continuing coverage of the Titus/Ryan Murder case along with previews of the upcoming IFBB contest season. For more information, visit

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