Need Help? Customer Support 1-866-236-8417 To Air Live Video From The 2005 Olympia Expo! is pleased to announce the offering of a live web cast during the 2005 Olympia Expo. No where else will you see this kind of excitement than when you visit the booth. Hope to see you there! is pleased to announce they will be broadcasting a live video feed from the 2005 Mr. Olympia Expo available for FREE on their site on October 14th and 15th.

NOTE: This event has already passed. View the archived video from the show!

The show will be broadcast from the booth on an ESPN interview style stage. There will be different hosts, guests and events planned for 5 hours of live web casting on Friday and 4 hours on Saturday.

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A Mock Design Of The Live Broadcast At The Olympia.

The web cast will start at 11am each day.

The broadcast will allow the Internet supplement retailer an opportunity to provide those with computer access a chance to see, up close and personal, the excitement created by all the vendors, athletes and fans that make the Mr. Olympia weekend such a special event. has contracted with Chapmen Media Group (producers of The Fit Show) to produce the Olympia broadcast.

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The Premiere Episode Of The Fit Show.

"We're really happy to be able to bring this to fans of bodybuilding around the world, and especially to our customers,"

"It's new and exciting to have the ability to bring all the fun and knowledge you get from going to the Olympia right into our customers' homes."

Hopefully it will inspire even more of them to attend in the future - just going to the Olympia is great motivation for months of workouts."

Ryan DeLuca - CEO

The 5 hours of live video on Friday will include the radio show Pro Bodybuilding Weekly (hosted by Dan Soloman and Bob Cicherillo) which will be expanded to 1 - 1 1/2 hours.

The additional hour will be hosted by Planet Muscle's Jeff Everson and will include appearances by top hot bods of the Olympia Expo. The models will be selected by Jeff from all the vendors spokes models.

The First Ever Internatinal Talk Radio Show For Bodybuilders.

After the best looking girls at the Olympia will be Ironman Magazine's Lonnie Teper, who has tapped the beautiful Timea Majorova to help deliver the Swammis' Olympia picks.

Be sure to watch for plenty of the athletes to be around for the segment. Friday's show will be capped by the 1st annual Supplement Awards hosted by CEO Ryan DeLuca and Hugo Rivera.

Saturday's line up includes an interview with the UFC fighter Randy Contour talking about SAN products and a seminar on joint pain and joint relief by Dr. David Ryan. Plus many, many more stars...

"We have a tight line up but you never know who might show up at the Olympia,"

DeLuca said.

The video feed will be provided for FREE at

"We look at it as a chance to showcase the sport and the supplement manufacturers. Hopefully we can capture the excitement of the Olympia and provide some tips that will help everyone's workouts."

DeLuca said.


Continue to watch this space as we add to our guest line up and if you don't have broadband at home or at work now might be the time to get it.

For further information contact:

Russ DeLuca

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