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The Poe Show - Episode #2: Contest Day.

Watch as Brandon Poe clenches another top 3 victory at the 2007 NGA Northwest Naturals bodybuilding contest. Check out the video footage of the dream tan, pump up, routine, posedown and more...

Over sixty competitors brought their “A” game this year to compete in the fastest growing bodybuilding and figure contest in the North West. This annual contest has gathered a following of competitors and spectators that enjoy taking part in a well organized and exciting event.

Watch as Brandon grinds it out on stage in a class of seven competitors. The lightweight class went through a long series of quarter turns as the judges tried to find their weak spots, if any. Brandon took home the 3rd place trophy and will continue to add to his collection of top 3 victories.

The Poe Show: Episode #2
Contest Day!

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Check back soon for the next video and meet some of my bodybuilding mentors, training partners, and inspirational people that make all my accomplishments possible. We will be tearing it up with some intense workouts at the local Gold's Gym in Boise, Idaho where all the magic happens.

In the mean time, check out Brandon Poe's BodySpace Profile.

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