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Podcast Interview With The Gourmet Trainer Frank Mastromattei.

Interview with Frank Mastromattei the Gourmet Trainer about his passion for cooking and fitness, and meeting your nutrition goals with delicious food.

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Interview with Frank Mastromattei the "Gourmet Trainer" about his passion for cooking and fitness.
Main Topic: Meeting your nutrition goals with delicious food!

February 8, 2008; 21:57 minutes 5.0 MB  audio

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About This Episode

Power Food Doesn't Always Mean Bland Food!

    Frank Mastromattei aka The Gourmet Trainer started his passion of cooking at the age of 18. Frank graduated at the top of his class in cooking school at Humber College and started to work in the banquet and restaurant industry.

    At the age of 24 Frank got into a serious car accident. Frank spent one year at home recovering from the ordeal. Since working in a kitchen requires a lot of time on your feet, it was highly unlikely that Frank was going to return to his normal duty.

Frank Mastromattei
Frank Mastromattei

    Frank decided to put both food and exercise together and that's where The Gourmet Trainer came from. Frank now is a certified Advanced Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Nutrition Consultant and a Certified Chef.

    Frank helps others achieve their goals by combining his two passions.