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Increase Fat Oxidization With PeptiLean.

Pepti-Lean is the world's first genuine fat-burning protein. And why is that? Because it comprises a unique mixture of protein fragments (peptides) that synergizes the oxidation of existing body fat just as it helps you avoid putting on more. Learn why!

You can call it an evolution or really, a revolution, but the time had to come. Indeed, disregarding the senseless hype created by a few protein companies a couple of years ago that claimed they could specifically burn fat (and since have gone out of business), there now just may be a real "fat-burning" protein for truly scientific reasons. That is to say, a great-tasting protein supplement that not only helps you build bigger and stronger muscle, but also helps remove the fat covering those muscles.

What Is It?

I feel that there is a revolutionary new protein called Pepti-Lean that is, arguably the world's first genuine fat-burning protein. And why is that? Because it comprises a unique mixture of protein fragments (peptides) that synergizes the oxidation of existing body fat just as it helps you avoid putting on more.

Already on the inside, increasing numbers of serious bodybuilders are supplementing their meals with Pepti-Lean. Like the "Intel inside seal" is to computer buyers, these athletes are looking for the Pepti-Lean seal whenever they purchase protein bars, protein powders, or the like. That's their way of ensuring the protein supplement they consume goes to work on their bodies even when they're not working out.

Pepti-Lean reduces the risk of the fat in your meal (all meals contain some!) getting into your bloodstream. Pepti-Lean directs those fat particles that do manage to escape its powerful grip away from your fat cells, effectively "starving" them. The result is that you get both high-quality, muscle-enhancing protein and accelerated fat loss without the side effects associated with some thermogenic stimulants (e.g., ephedrine).

Pepti-Lean Is An Active Protein Supplement

I feel that Pepti-Lean represents a truly new generation of bodybuilding supplements. It's a nutrient (protein) with active fat-removing properties. Thus, a nutritional supplement protein bar, protein shake, etc. With Pepti-Lean inside is an active supplement, a supplement that goes to work in removing unwanted fat (and preventing fat gain) rather than merely serving as an adjunct building block to muscle.

Typically, protein supplements get digested (broken down) and absorbed into your bloodstream as protein building blocks (amino acids). When your muscles are appropriately stimulated (as through weight training) to build more protein, they use these building blocks to do so, thereby becoming bigger and stronger.

Now the difference - In controlled trials involving animals, as well as humans (e.g., Kagawa et al., Life Sciences, 58: 1745-1755), the peptides found in Pepti-Lean prevented fat from being absorbed into the bloodstream. And --- they helped clear away the fat that does get absorbed so it is less readily stored as body fat.

In a double blind study performed on 25 healthy adults, subjects were given capsules containing 100 mg. of the fat-metabolizing peptides or a placebo. Neither the scientists delivering the mediums nor the participants were aware of whether they had received the placebo or the peptides. Capsules were taken before or after breakfast and dinner for a total of 600 mg. or 1.2 grams daily (low- or high-dose groups, respectively).

Both low and high dose treatment groups lost significant amounts of body fat within one month. The researchers believed that the peptides prevented fat consumed by the subjects from being absorbed and accelerated the breakdown of stored body fat.

After 90 days subjects from both groups experienced an average loss of more than 9.5% of body fat. Remarkably, the subjects were not following restricted diets or exercise programs; they were following ordinary eating plans containing their favorite foods. That is significant.

In a similar study published in the Journal of Nutrition (Kagawa et al. 128: 56-60), the fat-metabolizing peptides suppressed the elevation in blood fat levels typically found following a high-fat meal. The researchers also reported studies indicating that repeated consumption of the fat-metabolizing peptides (like those in Pepti-Lean) stimulated the burning (oxidation) of fat in the liver.

Whatever the mechanism, the authors suggested that these peptides were of use in preventing body fat gain and deserved much further study.

How To Use Pepti-Lean

Research involving fat-metabolizing peptides similar to those found in Pepti-Lean suggests that it should be taken with at least two meals per day. Doing so can turn those meals into fat-burning parades. And Pepti-Lean really packs a punch: You don't need much to knock out body fat.

In a Japanese study, the researchers reported that the benefits of the fat-metabolizing peptides could be achieved with a smaller dose than the typical protein intake and "stimulation of lipid metabolism [e.g., fat-burning] by continued use."

Because Pepti-Lean is essentially a nutrient, supplements containing this fat-metabolizing protein are ideal for those seeking an alternative to thermogenic stimulants (e.g., ephedrine). But Pepti-Lean also can be successfully combined with thermogenics for even more spectacular muscle-enhancing, fat-burning effects.

And, unlike some of the benefits found with thermogenic stimulants, Pepti-Lean's fat-metabolizing properties won't wear off with time. In fact, as the studies discussed earlier indicated, repeated use produces desirable effects for those trying to strip of body fat.

More importantly, Pepti-Lean helps you get leaner, faster on any type of diet. Fat-metabolizing peptides reduce fat gain in animals overfed with either a high-fat or a high-carbohydrate diet. Any style of eating you choose, in short, can be expected to benefit from the addition of Pepti-Lean. Just ensure you take Pepti-Lean with your meals (or make it a meal in itself). Of course, it certainly will be more effective if you follow meal plans lower in saturated fats.

Make Sure To Look For The Seal

Whenever you buy a protein bar or a protein powder, I suggest you make sure that the product bears the Pepti-Lean seal. The Pepti-Lean seal ensures you're investing in an active protein that can provide all the amino acids you need to build bigger, stronger muscles and now it can work all day long to help you get leaner, faster through fat loss.

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Rob Thoburn