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Cell Fusion: The New Science Of Liposomes & Polar Lipids.

Cellular fusion is the top priority when delivering active materials into the body for a specific cellular response. Find out the new science about liposomes and polar lipids. Learn why!
Since we introduced Lipotropin to the broad bodybuilding and fitness market we have had many requests for more information about it, from bodybuilders. We also have recieved all kinds of inquiries from companies marketing versions of real low dose recombinant GH and/or GH stimulators. Therefore, we asked for more pertinent information from the company, Life Sciences, which we enclose herein.

Although Planet Muscle will freely accept ads in all categories, including the oral-liposomal GH area, we remind all companies that Planet Muscle asks everyone to pay for lunch! We simply will not accept ads making idiotic claims not backed by science, case study, blind or double-blind design research or claims without a very, very long history of positive anecdotal affirmation as currently exists with products like proteins.

Standard medical practice has long assumed that growth hormone, to be effective in humans, must be injected subcutaneously. Oral prepared GH or GH stimulators have traditionally been regarded as too large in molecular shape and size to be absorbed, as well as not having any compatible delivery characteristics, and also having a quick gut/lumen degradation pattern.

Life Sciences (Lipotropin) has presented a groundbreaking suggestion and evidence by a licensed legitimate MD and researcher at UCLA, who was able to show us demonstrably increased GH-binding in very specific kidney cells with Lipotropin.

Admirably, this company DID NOT subsequently make any irresponsible claims of increased IGF, T-Levels, GH levels, bodyweight or strength by some mega-ridiculous percent that would be higher than one might obtain from injected GH at 3-6 international units per day.

Once again, Planet Muscle takes the lead. We will not accept any bogus GH ad claiming such increases, without legitimate data, documented and published in an unbiased journal. Colorful graphs with an empty ordinate and abscissa and without a reference as published in a referred journal will NOT hack it with us as it does for too many without social conscience. Planet Muscle hopes that any company submitting ads will NOT make wild claims of superiority of any product. If you do, please show us independent (not affiliated in any way with your company), blind or double blind data, statistically proving said claims, and which study has been published in an acknowledged referred journal of credible science. So, just don't make any claims that you can't back up with hard science!

Neither will we accept ads for penile lengtheners, height increasing herbs, breast enlargement devices, herbal preparations claiming to do the same, or for pro-hormone preparations or dangerous drugs like Synthvol.

Planet Muscle hopes to earn your respect as an honest, legitimate magazine and every product in it must be accurately represented. Frankly, we are tired of so much advertising nonsense just to turn a profit.

Perhaps we will go broke and expire because of such a philosophy, but to paraphrase a rather famous theologian - what does it benefit a man to gain the world if he loses his soul?

Lipotropin Polar Lipids
A Highly Specialized Liposome Deliverly System

Oral Absorption

Oral absorption occurs when a drug or nutrient is taken into the body through the mouth or nose tissue. Blood capillaries are extremely close to the surface in these areas and readily absorb the nutrients or drugs into the blood stream. The flow of blood is from this area of the mouth and through the heart within seconds. Upon leaving the heart, it will be completely dispensed throughout the body.

Spray oral absorption has the greatest impact in the vitamin and nutrition industry. The development of this new delivery system has helped thousands of individuals who are allergic or who suffer from allergic reactions or other side effects due to shellac, talcum powder, yeast, sugar and other fillers commonly found in pills. Also, gone are artificial colorings and the binders of wax, grease, or starch.

With sprays, the pure ingredients are placed into the aqueous solution and propelled by a natural pump (non-aerosol). Purity is a key factor in oral absorption. A higher blood concentration is achieved faster and more efficiently. A nutrient not circulated or destroyed is of little value to your body.

The mucosa membrane of the nose and of the mouth is the same. Anything administered and absorbed in the nose can be taken by the mouth with the same results or better. The mouth has a larger area for absorption and is thus preferred.

Alipotropin has been specifically designed to address optimal oral absorption of its active ingredients to quickly deliver growth hormone to the blood stream.

Do NOT be confused. Due to regulatory guidelines not yet completely resolved (at less than 5000 nanograms), we can market REAL GROWTH HORMONE and that is what Lipotropin is, plus several proprietary agents to increase your own GH output. We believe that for the first time GH can be absorbed without the use of an injection and can be successful.

The Science Of Polar Lipids

Humans are composed of carbon, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, fat and as with all living things, water. Water makes up 66% of the body weight. These chemical components are not present as a disordered mixture but are arranged in well-ordered compartments of which the cells are the smallest and the limbs are the largest. The compartments have different compositions, structures and, hence, also properties. These differences are necessary for the performance of the functions that are carried out by the compartments of the whole organism.

However, these compartments also need to be able to communicate with each other and to exchange materials in order for their totality to make up a functioning organism. These processes are affected by enzymes and ion channels embedded in the biological membranes and only operate properly when the surrounding membrane is not too rigid or too fluid.

Another requirement for the functioning of the organism is that the chemical substances making up the body must mix with each other. For example, for utilization, fats must form an emulsion with water in the digestive tract and in the blood. All these functions are carried out by a small (in terms of percentage) group of substances known as POLAR LIPIDS.

Their number and diversity is in accordance with the multiplicity of their functions. The most important and widely distributed group comprises the PHOSPHOLIPIDS.

PHOSPHOLIPIDS are the starting materials used for defining liposomes. Once a phospholipid has encapsulated a drug, ingredient, herb or any active material, it is only then referred to as a liposome.

Pioneering Phospholipids In Nutra-Ceuticals

Pure Life Scienceâ„¢ has designed products (such as Lipotropin) around phospholipid technology that exhibits various properties depending on the field of application, the form of application and the formulation technology employed.

Delivery Via The Oral Mucosa:

  • Phospholipids improve the re-absorp- tion of the active materials found in Lipotropin.
  • Phospholipids contribute to the effi- ciency at which cellular binding occurs. Phospholipids exert a positive influence on lipid metabolism.
  • In the specialized Lipotropin micellar solution (mixed micelles), phospholipids act as a dissolution agent for substances that are relatively insoluble in water and as a time-released principal.
  • There is a marked improvement in the Therapeutic Index with Phospholipids.

Multi-Lamellar Solution

Lipotropin has been designed with a unique multi-lamellar particle sizing solution, which permits the active materials to possess a sustained release effect.

Particle sizing is critical in the timing and delivery of active materials to target cells. In Lipotropin, particles must meet strict nanometer sizing requirements to assure not only proper cellular fusion, but also ingredient protection, while circulating throughout the blood.

Particle sizes ranging from 30-50 nanometers will interact faster and cause more aggressive cellular-fusion with the target cells than particle sizes ranging from 250-500 nanometers. Larger liposomes are required for long-term cellular reaction thereby giving a time released or sustained release effect of active material to be delivered.

Phospholipids / Cell Fusion

The cellular structure has positive attractions to phospholipid material. Cellular cytoplasm consists of a phopholipase substance which is chemically attracted to phospholipid materials. Most unprotected (non-liposome encapsulated) materials have difficulty attracting to and penetrating the cell membrane thus failing to deliver active materials (vitamins, drugs, hormones, etc.) to the nucleus of the cell.

However, liposome protected materials pass through the cell membrane rather easily, since it is the phospholipid, which engages with the phospholipase in the cytoplasm and is stripped away from the active material. As the phospholipid is stripped away, the active material is presented to the cell nucleus in a pristine undamaged form.

Lipotropin has been designed with a specific pharmaceutical grade phospholipid that causes a high rate of fusion between the cellular membrane and the micelle being delivered. This fusion causes the micelle to interact with the interior cell cytoplasm at a greater rate than if the active material was delivered unprotected (without a phospholipid shell).

Therefore, cellular fusion is the top priority when delivering active materials into the body for a specific cellular response. This is indeed where Lipotropin proves unique and superior!