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Losing Bodyfat Quick?

Dino Paul Pierce is a great natural bodybuilder with a BS in Dietetics. Learn the secrets to the best results!

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Losing Bodyfat QUICK?

I'd like to say I was impressed with your article on (11 days out). So I figured you'd be a good guy to help me get ready for my contest on 7/1/02. It's not a real bodybuilding contest. It is really a "who has the best abs contest". 10 guys from my gym got together and put in a total of $300 in a pot. The winner gets everything. We have five judges who will rate us in three categories. 1. Bodyfat Content (done the day of contest) 2. Hardness of abs (judges will literally feel our abs) 3. Appearance. They will give each category a rating from 1 to 10 and at the end, the man with the most points wins the whole prize.

I'm 6 days out from the contest, my body fat last time I checked was 6.4%. I'm sure it's lower now. I have a chiseled six pack, however I look like I have thick layer of skin over it, Please help me. I want to know how I can get as tight as I can in the next 6 days. Especially what should I do the Sat and Sun before the contest? Do you recommend Cutting Gels, and how much water should I drink?

I decided to answer this one because we are going through the same phase at the same time. This cat is getting ready for a personal contest between him and his friends. I am preparing for the Mr. New Orleans. Our contests are one day apart.

With six days out I can not do much for your level of body fat. What you have lost in fat terms during your preparation period is lost and that is all you can lose this close to competition. All that you can do now is peak out what you have. The thick layer of skin may be fluid or it may be (GASP!) fat. I cannot tell which it is exactly unless I were to feel it. Water will feel slippery and fat has a texture to it. You will know what I am talking about when you pinch and rub the skin over your abdominals between your fore fingers and thumb. To get a super tight appearance all that you have to do is manipulate the sodium and potassium pump a little as well as achieve a great carb-up. Some bodybuilders do not mess with this because of bad experiences. The bad experience that they had came from not knowing how to peak themselves out. If you have the knowledge this tool can be awesome.

Start your carb-up on Friday and go through Saturday. Use foods such as corn, grits, honey, black strap molasses, maltodextrin (Carboplex), Ultra Fuel, and cinnamon & raisins. I would get at least 800 grams of carbohydrates on Friday and 400 grams on Saturday. I lower the overall amount on Saturday due to insulin insensitive measures of the body as the muscles and liver become full of carbohydrates. Filling the muscles up with carbohydrates will bring the muscles up tight against the skin, this is an awesome phenomenon.

As far as water goes I drink up to two gallons of water every day. On Saturday I would lower my intake to 1.5 gallons and on Sunday I would lower the intake to half a gallon. On the day of the contest I would only sip on water. I never really gulp down fluids on the day of a show. The body actually looks better when it is slightly dehydrated. I would use heavy sodium through Friday at about 12:00pm and then after that I would go really, really low. I never really cut it out 100% doing this will prevent the body from releasing antidiuretic hormone AKA (ADH). This hormone, ADH will make you bloat! On Wednesday I begin to put potassium in and I go about 3000ml on Wednesday, 1500 ml on Thursday, and 500ml on Friday. I use liquid K from Twinlab. After 5:00pm on Friday I get off of my feet and rest up and relax till the morning of prejudging and I always end up look really full and tight, and the muscles look healthy.

If you adjust your days according to my recommendations this can work for you too. My Wednesday would serve as your Friday because I compete on a Saturday and you on a Wednesday. As far as cutting gels I do not use them but I know that some guys get really great results with Thiomucase a skin tightener and wrinkle remover. This cream made in France is usually used on the glutes, but some bodybuilders will rub it on their whole body if they have enough. It is really too late to benefit from its effects now. You would have had to start using it about three weeks ago. Skip LaCour got great results when he used it in the tanning bed and in the sun while preparing for the Team Universe, he swears by it. I use it at night before bed time with a positive outlook. I really rely on cardio for conditioning and not so much on creams and drugs. Experiment with it (Thiomucase) for future reference. Try these theories out as I think that it will help you have that advantage over the other guys at your gym.

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