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How Many Carbs For Weight Gain During Pre And Post Workout?

Dino Paul Pierce is a great natural bodybuilder with a BS in Dietetics. Learn the secrets to the best results!

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How Many Carbs For Weight Gain During Pre And Post Workout?

Here is a question from a visitor with my answers throughout.

D-Man: Was sup Dino. It's me D-Man again. Bro I got a question for you. Don't mean to be an ass but I heard so much different shit referring to this topic and at the moment I got know one around who I can trust to ask.

Dino: Well, Thanks for putting your faith in me D-Man!

D-Man: Bro OK first I think I had mentioned to you that I was at 143 pounds and trying to bulk up to around 155lbs. You had mentioned to keep my daily carbs to about 250-300grms. I been taking in a very little amount pre-workout and the bulk of my carbs post workout I take in about 100grms. I recently started taking cell tech which has 75grms of dextrose in 1 serving. Now should I be taking in so much carbs in the post or lower it a bit and take in more pre-workout?

Dino: Yeah spread it out more...I'd go about 40-50 pre then 50-immediately, 50 30 min later, 50 1-1.5hrs later, all are considered "post"!

I use 3-4 posts depending on what my training was that day. i.e. if I train legs I'll use 4 posts if I train forearms & did cardio I may use 2 or 3.

D-Man: There's so much talk about the spike causing fat gain. Also I still am not taking in the right amount of fat in my diet I'm only reaching 20grms a day. I've tried a few days upping the fats to try and reach the 35-45 grams a day and cutting carbs a bit but since my metabolism is so fat I just start to thin out like I start looking more cut and the fat starts to come off and then I could see what my muscles look like without the extra mass and notice I still need growing to do.

Dino: Brother, INSULIN is the master of bodybuilding BUT you got to know how to manipulate it! It can & WILL make or break you! Eating insulin surging CHO pre & post training only supports anabolism, your anabolic drive, protein synthesis, & glycogen restoration of the muscle tissue just trained! All are desired physiologic phenomenon's of a champion bodybuilder!

D-Man: I've gotten up to 155 with some minimal fat gain, nothing serious, nothing a little carb cutting and cardio wont burn off. I'm actually pretty impressed with my gains. I really only wanna bulk up a little more and then concentrate on cutting up. Is it safe to cut back on my carbs and up my protein and fats?

Dino: SURE you can! Just do not go and get stupid on me and slip into ketosis or something! You need the pre & post! At other times I would just change the type of CHO I ate! I'd use more veggies! I mean that is how I get ready for a show.

D-Man: Will I keep growing or do you recommend I keep to bulking until I reach the size I want?

Dino: No, make those changes now and concentrate on growing slowly! It takes time be patient & enjoy your progress! Quick bulking is plain flat out getting FAT!

D-Man: I feel if I stick to a 300-315 daily carbs I should lower my post carbs a bit but I don't know for sure?

Dino: NO! Just change the type of carbs at other times & follow what I recommended at the beginning of the e-mail.

D-Man: Also this whole creatine issue... Supposedly the recommended use is I think like 3-5 grams a day well this fucking cell-tech has 10grms in one serving which I take immediately post workout with the 75grms of dextrose it contains. I these g-damn bottles are expensive. Do you recommend me taking 10grms of creatine post-workout or should I cut it to 5-grms of creatine and 37.5grms of the dextrose and get the rest of my post-carbs from like a Gatorade or a Powerade or even something like a sweet potato or a bowl of frosted flakes lol?

Dino: Yeah that is a better way to take it D-Man. I take 5 pre, 5 post, & 5 1 hr later. Total of 15! It only takes 5gm to fully saturate the circulating blood plasma and that will last for up to an hour before used up & destroyed by the liver! So taking more than 5 is a waste of money.

D-Man: Well that's it I won't take up any more of your time. I'm out. Take it easy.

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