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Is This A Good Diet For Pre-Contest?

Dino Paul Pierce is a great natural bodybuilder with a BS in Dietetics. Learn the secrets to the best results!

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Is This A Good Diet For Pre-Contest?

Here is a question from a visitor with my answers throughout.

Dino: This guy sent in a detailed letter to me regarding bodybuilding nutrition. He is about to enter his first bodybuilding competition. Read on to see how I tweak out his nutritional approach. His letter and my intervention are below.

Visitor: Dino,

I was hoping you could help me with a little info... Bear with me I am a little long winded.

I will be competing in the NPC South Jersey National Qualifier on October 26th. I am entering the Novice class because although I have been training for quite some time this will be my first event. My question is regarding pre-contest diet, and nutrients particularly the make up of them.

First a little about me. I will be entering the Light Heavyweight Class. For those of you who don't know the weight range is 176.25 lbs. to 198.25 lbs. I am five foot nine inches tall. Last August I was in a motorcycle accident (minor damage) causing me to gain a considerable amount of fat. I blew up to 245 pounds. I am a strong guy but most of the gain was fat. I am definitely an Endo / Mesomorph (I believe most people are a combination). Sorry, told you I was long winded. After about 8 weeks of strict dieting I am down to 214 pounds first thing in the morning and between 12 and 15 percent fat (measured with calipers which explains the range).

Currently I am eating the following:

Between 300 and 400 Grams of Protein, Equals 1200to 1600 kcal.
Between 200 and 250 Grams of Carbohydrates, Equals 800 to 1000 kcal.
Between 15 and 70 Grams of Fat, Equals 135to 630 kcal.

Dino: I would keep the range of protein right where it is. The carbohydrates however should be cycled at this point in the game. Try eating only fibrous veggies like green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, and lettuce, along with your protein, for 4 days. On the fifth day consume about 400-500 grams of carbohydrates only do not eat any protein on this day. Once you have consumed all of the carbohydrates you can begin to use to vegetables and protein again. Your fat intake seems to be fine.

Visitor: I get this intake from the following in about 4 to 7 meals:

Eggs and Whites

Dino: Stick to the egg whites primarily, you do not need to add fat to your diet.

Visitor: Oatmeal

Dino: A person with your body type does not need to be eating oatmeal this close to a contest. Oatmeal is better utilized by individuals with fast metabolisms, by that I mean the individuals that tend to have trouble gaining weight. This does not seem to be your problem.

Visitor: Rice Cakes

Dino: These are okay to have on you high carbohydrate day. They are extremely high on the glycemic index and will get shuttled in to the muscle cell with the assistance of insulin, which will be naturally released by your pancreas. Other great choices are grits, honey, syrup, black strap molasses, Ultra Fuel, and other carbohydrate replenishment drinks. These foods are all great carbohydrate choices for reloading the muscle with glycogen. A detailed explanation of how to properly reload the muscles AKA "carbing-up" cannot be better described than how my new book describes it. The title of the book is Glycogen Supercompensation: A Book About Carbohydrate Loading. I tell you everything that you ever wanted to know concerning achieving aesthetical greatness through the means of diet and resistance training. To check it out: CLICK HERE.

Visitor: Protein shakes with Maltodextrose additive

Dino: Protein shakes should be comprised of soy protein. Whey is great for the off-season, but it is a dairy product and some individuals are sensitive to dairy, the result is a water bloat. Water becomes apparent between the cells and the skin, this takes away from the ultimate physique. I get off of whey about 10-12 weeks prior to a competition.

Visitor: Salmon
Lean Pork
Lean red meat

Dino: Great choices of protein if you are using the beef and pork in moderation. I realize that you are using the lean versions but the fat in them adds up over the day, week, and month. Try using extra lean ground turkey instead. It is has a meat like consistency and is much leaner so you get the same mouth feel, from a great source of protein, with less of the saturated fat, which is associated with the other two choices. The fat in the salmon is fine. Just be sure not to go over board with it okay. I would not be eating any fatty meals late in the evening. If you eat them in the morning you will be able to use the fat for energy otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure.

Visitor: Brown Rice

Dino: Use white rice on your high carbohydrate days. The little bit of fiber that brown rice has in it is not enough to talk about. I do not know why nutritionists brag about and hype up brown rice so much, if anything it slows the gastric emptying and absorption of the rice. The program that you are on will want a fast digesting carbohydrate so stick to white rice.

Visitor: Mushrooms
Green Vegetables and about 2 gallons of water per day.

Dino: Great job of consuming the greens and super on the H20 intake keep those up!

Visitor: What are the best times and meal arrangements for me to get the leanest While holding the most muscle??? And Are my dietary guidelines accurate for my body type and goals? What would you suggest????

Thanks and Best Regards, J.S.

Dino: See the above recommendations! The basis of my theory is to get the body into a metabolic state, which allows for maximal maintenance of muscle tissue while promoting maximal and safe fat loss. Follow these recommendations and you are well on your way to becoming a shredded 192-195lb Light Heavyweight!

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