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Questions About Diets, Supplements, And Timing!

Dino Paul Pierce is a great natural bodybuilder with a BS in Dietetics. Learn the secrets to the best results!

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Questions About Diets, Supplements And Timing.

Here are a series of questions from one visitor along with my answers.

Dino: This question is from a guy that basically knew what he was doing but needed a little guidance. I was glad to help him out. He writes in:

Visitor: "I am 5'10 and 154 lbs. Right now, I am pretty "cut" up, yet I am not happy with my physique. Although I have received many compliments for transforming my body, I am never satisfied. I am debating what exactly I want to do with it. I am leaning towards getting even more cut up for the next months and then bulking up. I consume at least 220 grams of protein a day. I am going to start my low carb diet this week. I do cardio 4-5 times a week for a half hour. I am going to increase my protein intake to about 300 grams."

Dino: Well, if cutting up is your main objective then you are on the right track. Doing what you just described will lean you out, I promise this. Ohh, and all I can say to "I am never satisfied" is, join the club. This is more than likely a battle that you will face forever. Even Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, wants to alter his physique by shaving some inches off of his waist.

Visitor: "As far as my diet is concerned, I love hamburgers and I use the George Foreman Grill to cook them. If I consume 3 burgers in one sitting (60grams of protein) am I doing more harm than good because of fat contained in these burgers?"

Dino: Well, you could get the extra lean ground beef. This beef has 4 grams of fat to 21-24 grams of protein for 4 oz of raw meat. This would only give you about 10-12 grams of fat for your 60ish or so grams of protein. That is 3/4 of a pound of meat in one sitting. In the off-season that (12 grams of fat) is not too bad. It is or would be the bread that would hurt you more that anything. I assume you do not use bread because you stated that you would be starting a low carb diet right. Therefore, you are really eating what I call hamburger steaks.

Visitor: "What about peanut butter? I know it is filled with protein, but it also has a lot of fat. Is it worth eating?"

Dino: It is worth using as an addition to meals that are really low in fat. I use it in my protein drinks. Better than plain old peanut butter, which is filled with hydrogenated saturated fat, is natural peanut butter, natural almond butter, or soy butter (my favorite). The fats contained in these are great sources of fat and only benefit you if they are not abused and over-consumed. Ohh, but champ, as far as using it as a protein source…I can think of more efficient ways to get my protein. I mean you describe it as a power packed source of protein and it is not. In actuality it should be described as filled with fat and contains some protein. Just admit it dude, you like peanut butter. But then again, when you think about it, who doesn't? The stuff taste awesome!

Visitor: "Another question I have deals with those "in-between" meals. In a few minutes I am going to go to the gym to workout my legs. I last ate about two hours ago and I am getting hungry. What sort of meal should I eat before I lift?"

Dino: I would not be eating anything heavy, this is obviously going to negatively affect your training. Heavy meals cause blood to pool in the gastro related areas. This is not desired during training when you want blood to be pooling in the muscles being trained. I usually just sip on a carb drink or a soy protein drink depending on what type of day I am having. I use a cyclic diet and have either a protein or carbohydrate day.

Visitor: "Also, what are your thoughts about protein bars?"

Dino: I like the taste of most protein bars and in my off-season I use them. They are convenient and that is the key for there use. If I ever have the choice of eating a meal or a bar, I will choose the "real food".

Visitor: "Usually, I take a whey protein shake before I go to bed, is this a bad idea? Should I take a Casein protein shake before bed?"

Dino: Try mixing the proteins whey and casein before bedtime. Doing this will change the molecular weight and slow down the absorption time of the whey, which digests too quick in my opinion. But as far as hurting your progress or being a bad idea, nahh. By using either of the two proteins you are only keeping your amino acid pool full. This is beneficial. Just don't load them with carbs and you will be okay.

Visitor: "What about if I started taking a creatine? How would that effect my body type? I want to get even more cut up and I want to maximize the results and fix any problems with my diet. Any other suggestions as a means of obtaining my goal?"

Dino: I like creatine. I have to be honest with you here and say that it never gave me any strength benefits or any of the other highly acclaimed results. It does however give me peace of mind that the muscles are staying full and saturated. This is really important because water plays a huge part in muscle recovery. So if you begin to take it, assure that you drink your water. Personally, I have been downing two gallons of water every day. Good luck!

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