How Fast Can A Person Gain Muscle?

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How Fast Can A Person Gain Muscle?

I have been training seriously for two years. While I am no expert I began to formulate several of my own theories. One of which is that people can gain the same amount of mass regardless of frame size.

I supported this by seeing that while I am average height 5 10", I was not out paced by the larger lifters. In my two years of training I have jumped from 118lbs to 165lbs with roughly the same body fat%. This means I have gained over 45lbs in two years, yet your most resent article stated:

"Now for the additional 15-20 pounds of pure meat AKA muscle mass, well unfortunately, this will take a few years. For a natural bodybuilder like myself, now mind you that I live for the sport, you can expect about five pounds of muscle each year."

I wonder if this is in fact a frame size issue, or just nutritional.

In visible terms of gaining mass yes, you are sort of correct. If we were to live in a perfect world, if we all had the same genetics, and if we would gain at an equal rate. That sounds like a whole bunch of ifs, does it not? The problem with your formulation of this theory lies in the fact that we all have a specific genetic code. This code regulates our building progress. But in theory, if your perfect little world could exist, you may have been on to something there.

This can be a bunch of different issues. For starters you may have had great gains because you said "I have been training seriously for two years". This tells me that you probably did some serious stimulation that your body was not initially used of. Therefore your body had only one way to handle this, it put on some muscle to compensate for its new weekly workload in the gym. Once your body was used to the new workload the growth should have slowed down because it should be able to compensate through muscle gains that were quality enough to stop the super stimulation. The body will adapt to any given situation, yours called for muscle growth. But now Mr. genetics huh? He just kept stimulating the body even more allowing for an astonishing gain of 45 pounds. Another issue is your age factor, you did not state your age but you are probably at a relatively young age and have great hormone levels. This will obviously be to your advantage.

All I know is that I am a guy that has never used a steroid in his life. I have done two cycles of Nor-andro and one of the two was so weak it did nothing. I was not educated enough on how to use and took it at a very low dose, most of it was detoxified by my liver. The second one was done correctly. Even using this great supplement technology I only managed to gain a solid five-pounds of pure meat. I was not about to get that guys hopes up that wrote to me. I wanted him to realize that bodybuilding is a tough sport and that if it were easy every male would look like Jay Cutler.

You see, I literally live for bodybuilding. I put off relationships, friendships, and sometimes family in order to chase and follow my goals and dreams. What I am trying to say is that if anyone were able to gain more muscle than the average Joe it would be me. I am not afraid to say no when a situation arises and I feel that it will hurt my progress as a bodybuilder.

Now, with all of that being said, you may have a great genetic make up. Good for you! You should call your parents right now and thank them. I am serious, because I never gained 45 pounds of mass, not even in the equivalent terms in which we covered at the beginning of the FAQ below. If you did not get the gist of it then, here is another analogy. If a magical genie could snap her fingers and give me, a 5'1" bodybuilder five pounds of pure muscle it may be the equivalent to her granting you 8. The rationality behind this statement is to make up for the additional 9" in height that you have over me. I think that you understand this. The good part, for me anyways, is the fact that if we were both given only five pounds of muscle I would benefit from it much more in aesthetical terms.

As far as it being nutritional related issues, well, champ do you not think that I, with the degree in nutrition would just simply alter my diet so that I too could gain 45 pounds of muscle? Come on champ use your head, it should be genetically enhanced, your physique surly is. Keep gaining your 45 pounds every two years and you will find yourself along side Ronnie Coleman before you know it.