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What Books Would You Recommend For Strengthening Mental Fortitude?

Dino Paul Pierce is a great natural bodybuilder with a BS in Dietetics. Learn the secrets to the best results!

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What Books Would You Recommend For Strengthening Mental Fortitude?

Dino, Awesome job on the log (and on your workout)! This is going to be a great benefit to me (as well as your many other fans/fellow bodybuilders), thanks for letting me be a part of your tag along. Okay, Question 1 - Dino, your "mental fortitude" is so strong, especially in your writing. I know so much of what you have (and what I intend to accomplish) comes from establishing that unshakable mental base for your bodybuilding.

My question is how to further develop my strengths in this area. Any books/ can recommend for further developing this aspect of my program? What I would really appreciate finding would be an audio tape guide to affirmations/visualization, or other like program. I know this would help me incredibly become the best that I can be. Have a great day Dino - KEEP PUSHING ON!!! A Fan

Thanks for the kind words. You are 100% correct about my "mental fortitude" abilities. I cannot really recommend a particular book or tape, but you have given me a fantastic idea. Be Patient because this is a service that I can create and make available for you real soon. Actually I have a video already done in concerns of motivation and goal setting but I need to mass produce it. It is about 45min long I LOVE it.

So…what attributed to my level of discipline?

  1. I was raised in a very strict upbringing and I believe that this has helped me to some degree but ultimately I think a lot of it has to do with the individual. In saying that I mean that you can have a pair of identical twins and they may have totally separate work ethics and aspects/outlooks on life. It all depends on what you are after in life and how hard you are willing to work for what you want. One of the twins may have more money, be married, have a house, have kids, drive a new car or truck, but is stuck in a working relationship that he despises daily.

    The other may be barely paying the bills, drives a 2nd hand vehicle, is single, but is chasing his dreams and is in the position to make them come true some day. So, one twin was driven by the typical American dream and the other driven by his own dream. Now, different types of people would say that it could go either way in the concern of which is better off in the long run. If you asked me I would tell you that I could relate to the guy chasing his dream. In the twins defense the guy that is stuck in his despising job does have the ability to give it all up and can recondition his life by learning the traits of his goal seeking twin. Desire, work ethic, and drive can be taught a spirit filled with passion has to already be instilled. I have those traits as well as the feelings toward bodybuilding.

  2. I served 4 yrs in the US Navy working as a military Intelligence Specialist where our jobs were so critical there was no such thing as "error". Mistakes were not accepted, period! This has to have helped. I remember being in study groups in college and my class mate complaining about how hard the material was. I was looking at it from a different angle. I wanted to learn and beside I thought heck trying being in the dessert trapped on a ship, you potable water was limited, your clothes soiled, your were forcefully given drugs that you did not want to take (I had the Anthrax Vaccination), you are hungry but too busy to go and eat, and you were so stressed out that you had trouble sleeping during the 4 hour period that you could actually sleep, there was no exercising, and morale was at an all time low. That is hard work compare that to sitting in an air conditioned library learning about anything and I will tell you first hand you have it made. So the military exposed me to harsh environments and I could always adapt because no matter how hard things are I can always look back and say nothing was as bad as it was when I was in the military.

  3. I strived for perfection in college as a student and athlete. I competed in both bodybuilding and the sister sport of powerlifting throughout my colligate years. I was always pairing up to train with the guys that were 2-3 weight classes heavier that mine. I knew that if I could hang with them I would be in a much better position when meet time came around. I set no boundaries and did not use my weight as an excuse. To me if I worked hard enough I could accomplish great feats. Needless to say I broke the Louisiana State Collegiate bench Press record 3 times in one year and still hold it today. When given an assignment to read in a class I would always try to focus on material that was about motivation and I would try to model those successful individuals. I am 5'1" and I have always been a great athlete from Jr. High to this day. Is that because I am just gifted? NO WAY! It is because I was and have always been the "underdog" and I was driven to work harder because I would never let my size stop me from doing anything.

  4. I believe in myself and that wakes a world of difference. Heck when you think about it I am no different that the average "Joe" in some aspects. I have to sleep, tie my shoes, brush & floss my teeth, etc… everyday. What separates me is the belief that I have in concerns of my goals. I really believe that if I continue to market myself and work hard I will attain my goals. Heck I am a guy that reviews his vision and goals on a daily basis. I have my goals actually posted all over my apartment, in my truck, on my computer desk, on the refrigerator, etc… I read that 97% of Americans do not even have their long term goals written down much less have a plan of attack on how to make them become a reality. In short I do not just say something I do it!

  5. I am not afraid or intimidated by hard work; I do not look down on it or get overwhelmed by it either. I realized when I embarked on this journey that I was going to run into a lot of negative individuals that would try and tell me that I could not do this as a natural bodybuilder. People would say that would have to at least use insulin and growth hormone to get to the "National Level". People telling me not to worry because I could use those and still call myself a Natural Bodybuilder. Sure I could if I were a hypocrite, so knowing this I think I was motivated to work even harder and I was prepared to have to politely tune certain people out of my life even if it meant family, friends, and bodybuilders that I at one time looked up to.

So in the end I have had several motivating factors that led me to be where I am today and let me tell you I am far from where I need to or want to be. So I have not "made it" yet but everyday I get closer to my goals and live by a code that is indestructible. I truly believe that I can do anything.

I recommend you do what you are doing and model me. Follow my path and model what I do. Or choose another mentor and model their path towards success. By participating in things like this program ( you are well on your way to receiving motivational instruction like no other. Asides from that search the internet, go to the public library and look for tapes, books, and videos, and as mentioned before be on the lookout for my product & service line to have motivational additions. Right now I can tell you that my new Book, 'Dino's Bodybuilding Diary: 44 Weeks of Contest Preparation' tells a story and is full of bodybuilding know how as well as motivational tactics. Read about it here: (

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