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Diet For Losing A Little Fat?

Dino Paul Pierce is a great natural bodybuilder with a BS in Dietetics. Learn the secrets to the best results!

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Diet For Losing A Little Fat?

I am 21 and have been lifting for quite some time now, but only really in the last few years I have focused on training and nutrition, but it is pretty tough with all the crap that is stated in magazines, TV programs and what not, but I'm sure I don't need to tell you about this. I am a big reader of the website as I definitely believe it's the best site for good, quality information. I don't want to get too side tracked and get you pissed off even before I ask a question so here goes...

I love the feeling I get from lifting weight lifting: the pump, self discipline and being in control of the way my body looks. I have quite a good build with some good lean mass. I weigh 153 lbs at 5'9". I lift three days a week (Day 1: Chest and Back, Day 2: Legs and Abs, Day 3: Arms and Shoulders). In the past year I have really tried to straighten out my nutrition as I have learned that diet plays a huge part in a bodybuilder's success. I now eat 4-5 meals a day depending on my college timetable and if I can sneak off to grab a bite during work. I have been increasing my protein a lot and I now get about 130 grams a day and am trying to increase this as I want to keep trying to gain lean mass. My problem is this, I am quite lean with good abs, but I have a little gut that starts around my belly button. My question to you is, I know this problem is probably related to my diet so I was hoping that you could provide me with information that could help solve this. It would be excellent if you could tell me what I should be eating and when and how much (based on my goal to continue to gain lean mass and lose this body fat), how many calories per day (based on my weight), per meal, carb/protein/fat rations, etc.

In addition, for breakfast I tend to eat cereal (shredded wheat/oatmeal) with low fat milk and some fruit juice, for lunch I usually have two sandwiches (whole meal bread) with a tin (100g) of salmon, and dinner usually consists of some potatoes, veggie and chicken/fish/meat, and snacks are made up of carbs and protein and some good fat. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your question is similar to one that I have already answered down below. You should read that one as well as this one to even further your knowledge. I want to first of all acknowledge the fact that you are right, there are so many gimmicks out there that it is sickening. People are trying to make an easy buck by fooling helpless individuals into thinking that there is an easy way out. I think that this should be a crime! On to your question... You hit the nail on the head. Your problem is diet based. 130 grams of protein is not a whole lot of protein. You have to accept this. A guy your size should be consuming at least 250-300 grams each day. I am much smaller than you are as far as having to feed muscle tissue and I eat 300 - 500 grams each day. Protein is going to be your backbone for tissue maintenance and building. So eat your protein, it is important.

That is not the only thing that worried me concerning your diet. You are eating too many carbohydrates at the wrong time. Do not fear my friend if I could have a penny for every time that I had to tell this to someone I would be set. I would be so carefree that all I would have to do is write articles for (you didn't think that I would leave you guys did you?) and prepare for the following years competition season. I think that you get my point, bluntly it happens all of the time.

Eat your carbs in the morning and after your workout. You do not need too many in the morning, about 30 grams or so. After your workout you can bump it up to 70-100 grams. Do this until you have lost your "gut". Also I would not be eating too much bread. I mentioned this because I noticed that you said that you had used bread for lunch. Bread is not a good dieting food, okay?

I am glad to see that you are eating 4-5 meals each day. I would still try to add another protein meal in somewhere if at all possible. Also, I do not want you to stress out on a fixed amount of kilocalories. However, if you want a good estimate use this formula.

Use this calculator to figure out how many calories per day you need, along with your protein, carbs, fat breakdown.

Your Bodyweight:

Here is how the calculator works for you.

12 (X) your lean body weight (153) = 1836

Okay so we are not going to stress on this, lets give you a leeway mark. I would go for 1850-2000 kilocalories each day. You want ratios? You got'em!

60% protein = (277-300 grams)

25% carbohydrates = (115-125 grams)

15% fat = (31-33) grams

This is in theory. I like to assess each person on an individual basis. We are all so very different in genetic makeup that it is amazing. You know a human is not a human in general. We are all individuals with similar features. From what you have told me I would like to think that this diet will work for your body type. If it does not work we would need to pull some of you carbohydrates and add some more fats. Try this out with a positive mindset and you should make some great changes.

Good luck, thanks for your kind letter, & stay focused!

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