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Program For A Brad Pitt Type Of Body?

Dino Paul Pierce is a great natural bodybuilder with a BS in Dietetics. Learn the secrets to the best results!
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Program For Getting A Brad Pitt Body?

My brother referred me to you guys because he is a big time customer from you guys and I needed your help. Well I currently weigh about 190 lbs, with too much body fat. I'm 5'10 and 19 years old I wanted to know if there a certain supplement, stack and cycle I should use to get a physique like Brad Pitt's and Tom Cruise's (lean hard muscular tone). What do you guys recommend?

This was rather simple one to answer but it is good because it is the plain truth. This guy was interested in looking rather toned and defined and not like a bodybuilder. I think that this is an excellent goal because you can achieve this look using very little supplements, proper dieting techniques, weights, and cardiovascular training, which is the backbone to the program.

Well I must say that your brother directed you to the very best. We at are straight shooters and look out for our customers. The goal or look that you desire is very obtainable. Lets start with your question regarding to supplementation.

To obtain this look you can use things like prohormones, HMB, and ZMA. Having said this I want you to understand that they will boost you (so to speak) to you desired appearance, BUT you do not need them. Actually, you may only need the bare necessities like a good protein drink and L-Glutamine. Using a Multivitamin and the antioxidants A, E, and C would also be of your best interest. You can read up on the various types of prohormones here at the website. Just go the "Big Cat's" page and read away. But for your core supplementation program you should at least use L-glutamine (10-20 grams each day), a basic multivitamin, (taken once or twice a day, and the antioxidants A, E, and C (right after training). Adding in an EFA supplement would do you well because it allows the body to actually use fats and/or clear out your artery walls. These are your core supplements use them.

Now for the good part... the diet! I will tell you that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise do watch their carbohydrate intake, and it is one of the primary reasons that they stay lean. I would stick to consuming carbohydrates after my training sessions and maybe having a little in the morning. Stick to a liquid form of carbohydrate like Ultra Fuel, Carboplex, or a mixture of honey, molasses, and maple syrup (like I do). I do not use any in the morning but I use 80-100 grams immediately following my training sessions. This allows me to replenish the muscle and have piece of mind.

Why does it give me sanity? Simple because it is a fact that if you are trying to stay lean and you over eat on carbohydrates you are sabotaging yourself. Too many carbohydrates leads to fat storage even though you are not eating a high fat diet. Just look at what happened to America when the media and medical community promoted a low fat diet. The food companies began to make everything fat free but the added in sugar, which is fat free but is also a carbohydrate. The end result was a disaster and we now have a terribly high incidence of type II diabetics. Fat free is not good especially for people having a goal similar to yours in mind. In this case I would recommend a moderate fat, high-moderate protein, and low carb-eating regimen.

So what about protein and fat? I like going 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight or desired bodyweight. I eat about 300 grams each day utilizing chicken, tuna, egg whites, seafood, wild game, lean beef, soy/whey proteins, and turkey. These are just some choices but there are many out there these are just my personal favorites. As far as fat goes I recommend that you just eat your food and you should get enough fat through them. If you feel really down you can use natural peanut, soy, or almond butter to give you a little boost. Use these sparingly of course, but use them if you need to. You may also add in a little more carbohydrates in the morning if you begin to feel down. Doing these two things will allow you to stay on track while pursuing your goal.

By the way, do not do this unless you are sure that you are feeling down. You will know if you are down believe me, and feeling down is not a bad thing it actually means that the program is working. Your body does not want to be lean so it will fight against you, but hang in there because by manipulating your metabolic structure you can become and stay lean for life. My friend Maris Lee stays at around 4-5% body fat all year long (perhaps lower) but the trains for it, which is our next topic.

Training for your goal should be fun. You will basically be using a moderate to high rep scheme. This scheme will allow you to mold a great physique while not going over board with it; not that it is that easy to cross the line into becoming a bodybuilder. You will also be keeping your heart rate up by limiting your rest time to 1 min maximum. This will make your resistance training cardiovascular in nature. You should train often to burn up those stored calories you claim to have accumulated. I would train as follows: Monday (quads & abdominals), Tuesday (back & traps), Wednesday (Chest & Shoulders), Thursday (hams & calves), and Friday (arms). Use 9 sets at 10-15 reps for the larger body parts (quads) and 6 sets at 10-12 for the smaller ones (arms).

I will include cardio in your training regimen because I consider it an essential part of your training program because your goal is leaning-out oriented. I would not kill myself but I would do cardiovascular training and I would do it often. Start with 15 intense minutes every other day. Log what you do and try to equal or better it every session. For example, if you manage to treadmill for 15 min and complete a distance of 2 miles then the next time that you train you should shoot for 2.1 miles in 15 min. Always try to improve... that is how you challenge yourself and break free of your mental limitations, which in my opinion is what makes or breaks a person seeking their goals. I am reasonable and use rationale but for the most part I try to break free of all limitations. Try to be the exception to the rule rather than a statistic.

Use this program with a positive mindset and you will be seeing results in no time. Try to enjoy your journey and learn as you go. Supplement, diet, and train that is all there is to it. Good luck!

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