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What Should I Do To Improve For Baseball?

Dino Paul Pierce is a great natural bodybuilder with a BS in Dietetics. Learn the secrets to the best results!

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What Should I Do To Improve For Baseball?

I am a 15-year-old, 140 pound baseball player that is looking to improve strength and muscle mass to aid in my baseball skills. Recently I have been going to the gym every day and I am looking to get bigger and stronger. I am relatively new at this and I have been asking around for workout routines and supplements to take in order to get bigger. I really do not know who to listen to so I thought I would seek some expert advice from a bodybuilder. I am looking to gain as much muscle weight as fast as possible and I am willing to try anything. I have been taking protein shakes for about two weeks now.

Question-Part 2: I am thinking about taking creatine, but people have told me that it is dangerous. If I take creatine, how long should I take it and should I take it with protein too?

Question-Part 3: What routine do you think I should do and what supplements do you think I should take? Any pointers, tips or comments will be greatly appreciated.

Fish Boy

Fish Boy, I think that training to increase your athletic performance is a great idea. Furthermore, supplementing your current diet with protein shakes is one of the best moves you can make supplementation wise. Keep it up! There are many great proteins on the market. My friend Zach swears by the company Optimum Nutrition. I know that ISS makes a protein supplement called ProM3. This supplement has a blend of whey, casein, and egg protein. Both companies make protein that comes from two to three different sources. Try these, they are made by reputable companies, but do not stop there. Experiment with many brands of protein carriers you may find a favorite for yourself. This combining of proteins is an awesome technological breakthrough. Pure whey protein digests rather quickly. I believe that it digests almost too quickly. Check these products out, caries both as well as many more!

Taking creatine is fine. I have never heard of creatine being dangerous. Well, unless you are referring to the naysayers tooting their horn again. (Damn the Medical community.) Look, just be sure to drink at least one gallon of water each day and you should be fine. You should do this regardless of your creatine use; it is beneficial for several reasons, okay? Taking creatine and protein as separate supplements is fine. Bodybuilders supplement with these on a consistent basis year round. You can stay on creatine for as long as you like in my opinion. I use about 10 grams each day. I like taking two doses of 5 grams. I take the first dose as a pre-workout supplement and the second as a post workout supplement. If you feel that you need to get off of creatine you can follow the instructions on the bottle they are pretty explicit. Using 5-10 grams a day is perfect for long term use. If you plan on using for a long period of time then you can avoid the "loading phase" because eventually the creatine will build up in adequate amounts during your first or second week of supplementation.

I recommend you use an Arthur Jones approach to training. Just basically use short intense training sessions and do not be afraid to challenge yourself. You have to push hard and break out of your perceived mental limits in order to become a champion. At the same time you should always utilize a smart training program. Use a program that is centered around super strict form.

There are certain supplements that I believe every weightlifter should take. I have listed the most important ones below.

Essential Supplements:

Protein (soy, whey, & casein)
Antioxidants A & E

These are the bare minimum but in their defense they will get the job done. These supplements are what I take everyday of the year. The rest of my supplementation is purely experimental. Keep training!

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