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What To Do With Dumbbells Only For Huge Biceps?

Dino Paul Pierce is a great natural bodybuilder with a BS in Dietetics. Learn the secrets to the best results!

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What To Do With Dumbbells Only For HUGE Biceps?

I am very new to this field. I just want to build huge biceps. My friends told me to try with dumbbells. I tried for a month, but with no changes! What exactly is missing? I am a vegetarian. We don't have a gym here. So please tell me what can I do with dumbbells. What vegetarian food should I eat to get quick and huge biceps?

This is a unique one by far! This guy wanted advice on building huge biceps. He did not want to build any other body part. Sounded a little strange to me but I decided to help him out through enlightenment.

Okay first of all let's break down everything that seems a little wacky to begin with.

1) He more than likely does not get enough protein being a vegetarian.
2) He does not have a "real" gym to train at.
3) He has dumbbells to use but does not know how to use them.
4) He thought that he would see dramatic gains in one month. (Ha!)
5) He is interested in building his biceps and not any other part of his body. (Sounds strange?)

Now that we have determined all of the factors involved we can attempt to help this guy out. I will simply go down the line one by one trying to enlighten the guy through sound bodybuilding reasoning. Lets start with #1.

#1 Being a vegetarian can be harmful to an individuals goals if they are a not supplementing their diet with a sufficient amount of protein. There is no reason what so ever that a vegetarian, even total vegans, cannot participate in bodybuilding. There are several types of vegetarians. Off of the top of my head I can tell you that there are vegans, ovovegetarians, lactovegetarians, pescovegetarians, red meat abstainers, and pollovegetarians. (I have a B.S. in Dietetics remember I know weird stuff like this.) I am not sure what type of vegetarian you are but perhaps you could think about eating some of the following foods.

Foods That Vegetarians Allow In Their Diets

Lactovegetarians allow milk, yogurt, cheese, and other milk products to be used in their everyday diet regimen. Ovovegetarians allow eggs to be used in their diets. Lactoovovegetarians allow milk and egg products to be used in their diet. Pescovegetarians allow fish in their diets. Pollovegetarians allow poultry to be used as a source of protein in the diet. Finally, red meat abstainers allow anything but red meat in their diets. Some of you may be a certain type of vegetarian after reading this, huh?

One source of protein that a total vegan can enjoy is soy protein. I use soy protein when getting ready for a contest. I am pretty much a "soyaterian" when it comes down to the final weeks of contest preparation. Use soy it is a great source of protein. It has added benefits as well. I have been using Twinlab's VEGE FUEL, which is 100% soy protein. I like this product because it contains the Supro (superior brand) protein. A good soy protein will contain all eight essential amino acids and have a claim on the bottle stating that 25 or more grams of soy each day may reduce the risk of heart diseases. This is of course only if it is used in conjunction with a low fat / low cholesterol diet. Get yourself a good soy protein and begin to grow.

#2 There is not much that you can do about not having a nearby gym in your area. You can continue to do as you are doing by accumulating your own set of weights. Additionally, you may consider taking a bus, driving, or riding your bike to a gym near by. There is always a way if you are willing to go out of your way to make one. Try asking the local school if you could use there weight room. I am sure that the football team trains with weights. Ohh and if you really do not have any means of getting to a gym and there is a demand for one there then you may consider opening your own someday. I do not think that this is the case. You said that your friends told you to try dumbbells. They are obviously training somewhere too. Try teaming up with them and training together. Between all of your friends you may have a complete home gym.

#3 So you do not know how to use your dumbbells huh? Well if all you want to do is build your biceps then there is only one exercise that you can do. To train the bicep you must perform a curling type of movement. Get with you friends and ask them to demonstrate what this is. For now read my execution explanation for a mental run through of the exercise.


Dumbbell Curl VIDEO w/ Audio (3.89 MB, 44 sec, Mpg) | By Todd Opheim


Sit on the edge of the bench keeping your back straight. Hold the dumbbells, placing one in each hand. The arms should be hanging at your side. Face your palms forward with the thumbs pointing out. Elbows should stay put against the hips and never move. The only thing that is to move is the forearm.


Lift the dumbbells slowly. Keep your elbows fixed at the hips. The dumbbells should not be raised higher than your shoulders. Squeeze your biceps on every repetition flexing the muscle. Lower the dumbbells using control do not allow gravity to take over. Remember, elbows stay put against your hips. That is one full repetition. Continue to failure and then go for more!

#4 I have been training for over 13 years. 4 of those years were solid years of bodybuilding / powerlifting. This means that I had not experienced any unplanned off time from the gym. I have been consistent since August of 1998 and it is now August of 2002. Guess what my young friend? I too want to see more gains in the bicep area. Training for one month may bring you some results, but nothing dramatic. You need to find a program that you like and dedicate yourself to it for a couple of months. If you do not see results then switch your routine or something in your routine. You can add weight or add repetitions to the same routine and get great results. Try doing different things to keep the muscle stimulated. Being creative by swapping and altering routines will bring about muscle hypertrophy (growth).

#5 My friend I cannot stress the importance of a good squat! You must be willing to build the rest of your body to achieve the maximum size of your biceps. The body does not really want to have one huge part to it. It will go for a balance. After a high intensity training session, which you get particularly in squatting, growth hormone (GH) levels elevate. This elevation will occur anywhere from immediately following to hours after training. Similarly, testosterone levels elevate also. These two things happen only of the athlete is not over training. If they are over training then they will not receive these benefits and will find themselves with an elevated cortisol level, which is BAD news! You see the benefits of a good squat do you not? Squatting is the mother hormone releaser and is important in total body growth.

I really recommend you find a gym or combine with your friends to make the best home gym that you guys can. This will benefit all of you. You can push each other through motivation tactics and all grow while learning from each other. Train Hard, train smart, train with passion, but most importantly just fine a place to train!

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