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Dino Paul Pierce is a great natural bodybuilder with a BS in Dietetics. Learn the secrets to the best results!

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How Can I Use A Pedometer To Walk Off Fat?

I just got a new pedometer and I would like to know if you have any programs that I can follow to get the best results from it? Thanks for your help!

Great question! Here is a program for you:

Step # 1: Simply wear a pedometer for 3 days without increasing your activity level. Try to include one day from the weekend.

Step #2: Calculate your average steps per day by adding the totals from the initial three days and dividing them by three.

Step #3: Using the chart below and find the range, which includes your daily average in column A.

Step #4: Now you can determine your ultimate goal by adding 7500 steps to your daily average.

Step #5: To get you on the right track go to column B and find the number which is nearest to your ultimate goal and circle it.

Step #6: Refer back to your initial daily average steps located in column A. Looking across the row column C will let you know how many additional steps are required each day to meet your ultimate goal which is located in row B. Column D will tell you the length of time that it should take you on average to reach your goal.

Step #7: Once you have achieved your initial goal you can move one row down and begin to work towards a higher goal and level of fitness until you reach you ultimate goal, which you circled in step 5.

Step #8: Maintain your ultimate goal's required daily steps for at least 8 weeks, and be consistent. You should see some notable changes in physique and the way you feel during this time frame. Once you have reached this level challenge yourself to achieve a new goal. If you cannot find time to walk more than make the walks you do have more aggressive by incorporating hills and speed walking in attempt to burn more kilocalories.

If your daily avg. is... Your goals are... How to Reach. Increase by... Time needed to reach goal
Less than 2500 2501 - 5000
5001 - 7500
7501 - 10000
10001 - 12500
12501 - 15000
15001 - 17500
250 step/day
300 steps/day
400 steps/day
500 steps/day
500 steps/day
750 steps/day
750 steps/day
10-20 days
8-16 days
6-12 days
5-10 days
5-10 days
3-6 days
3-6 days

Example: Lets say my average daily steps were to be 5025. I add 7500 steps to that making my ultimate goal 12525 steps/day. To reach that goal I first shoot for increasing my steps by 400 a day for 12 days. Once I have worked up to that level I would add an additional 500 steps a day for 5 days bringing me to a total of 12500, which is right about at my ultimate goal.

Note: An 8-week study showed that benefits included improvements in weight, fat measures, cholesterol, and overall fitness.

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This is just one question out of many! View the full listing of FAQs here.