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My Contest Prep Plan!

I am competing in the NPC's Southern Classic. I began dieting February 1st 2002. I was weighing in at 150.5 lbs, three and a half months later I am tipping the scales at 131 lbs shredded as ever with 16 days to the big show down. Here is my full plan.

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My first contest of the 2002 year will be held in Jackson, Mississippi.

I am competing in the NPC Southern Classic. I'm definitely a threat for the Bantam Division's 1st place category, and I have prepared to do some serious damage in the overall pose down.

I began contest dieting February 1st, 2002, and I was weighing in at 150.5 lbs. Three and a half months later (this morning), I am tipping the scales at 131 lbs, shredded as ever, with 16 days to the big show down. My guru, who has been working with me since that age of 16, agrees that we are right on time.

Dino Pierce
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Dino Pierce.

I have leaned out, yet managed to keep every bit of muscle as possible. Therefore, even though I have lost nearly 20 lbs, I look bigger because everything is becoming visible. The following is my plan at 16 days out from my show.

Cardiovascular Activity

I'm performing two 30-minute sessions of cardio every day. My heart rate ranges from 130 to 160 beats per minute. One day of the week, I perform 1.5 hours of cardio to really dig deep. This day consists of one 30-minute session and one full-hour session.

Resistance Training

I train with weights five days each week. I use 15-20 repetitions to exercise, yet preserve the muscle tissue that I have built up over the past year. I rest one minute between sets to keep the heart rate up. So, theoretically, I am weight training and doing cardio at the same time. Cool, huh?!


As you know, I am a natural bodybuilder, but I do use some supplements:

    Antioxidants: I use the antioxidants vitamin C, A, & E.

    Muscle Preservation: I also use HMB, a little creatine, and L-Glutamine for muscle insurance reasons.

    Multivitamins: I utilize a multivitamin specifically when dieting to assure that I get everything that I need as I may not be when on a contest diet which is restricted of some foods that contain vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

    Cal/Mag: I use calcium - magnesium for preventing of muscle cramps.

    EFA: I like using EFA's for proper utilization of fat and to keep the arteries clean.

    Glucose Disposal Agents: I like using chromium picolinate on my carbohydrate days to help load the carbs into the muscle cells.

    Energy booster: I use a little ephedra when I feel that I need it. This is used carefully of course as it should be. And I properly cycle the stuff. I do not live on it!

    Diuretic: And lastly, to keep me dry I like using a little dandelion root on occasions. This is usually used to see where I am at in my progress.


I utilize a carefully-monitored cyclic diet using 'up' (carb) days and down (low carb) days. 'Up' days consist of about 300-400 grams of specifically chosen carbohydrates. 'Down' days consist of about 10-20 grams of specifically chosen and timed carbohydrates.

Fats are relatively low and stay under 20 grams each day. This is not done year round! Protein can range from 250-300 grams. I always space my protein feedings out to assure muscle preservation.

This close to a show my calorie levels are really low. It is important to understand that I am regional-level, nationally-qualified, bodybuilder. This is not my recommendation to you. Everyone is different; you should consult with a nutritional guru before attempting this type of regimen or lifestyle.

Contest Plans & Reports

I will continue to meticulously follow through with my plan and peak out for the Southern Classic. However, I will be working at the show for you guys. I will come back with a report of the events and my experience at the show.

I will take pictures, write a full report, and market the great So, be prepared to get the scoop shortly after my return from my trip to Jackson. I will arrive there for weigh-in on Friday night at around 5:00 p.m. My judging begins at 9:00 a.m. and as usual the bantams are the first to hit the stage.

With me being one of the opening acts the festivities will be brought to life with a quickness as I give my all to, my fans, as well as myself, to take it home on June 1st, 2002!

My Contest Results! My Contest Results!
I arrived in Jackson at around 4:45 p.m., May 31, 2002, only fifteen minutes before the commencement of weigh-in. I quickly checked into my hotel room and made my way over to the weigh-in site. Surprisingly I was the first bodybuilder to weigh-in.
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Dino Paul Pierce, CFT (III)
B.S. Dietetics
Natural Bodybuilder

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