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Competing In The 2002 Mr. New Orleans!

Here are the details and pics of my latest contest, along with my plans for my next contest!

Well, I did it; I put it all on the line at the 2002 NPC Mr. New Orleans. I entered a weight class that consisted of 4 great bodybuilders. I was the lightest, as predicted, but I was far from being the least best man in the extremely tough class. I placed second in the Open Lightweights at the show. I was extremely satisfied with this placing. I feel really good about my finish considering that I beat out two bigger guys. One weighed 156 and the other 143 pounds. The guy that beat me weighed in at about 158 pounds (30 pound heavier than I) and I weighed in at a super "ripped to shreds" 128 pounds. On top of all of this the guy that did manage to beat me ended up wining the entire show. So over all I was very happy to place under him. He is a great bodybuilder; I am glad that I will not have to mess with him again at the Mr. Louisiana in 13 days. I will be representing my respective weight class, the bantam weights, and he his, the middle weights.

I had a very strong second too, out of 7 judges 6 had me finishing as second place. I was approached throughout the show and I was given only positive remarks and comments from everyone. I really freaked some people out with the overhead abdominal shot. My friend and X-training partner, (3 years training together) Stephen Leblanc said "freaky" when I gave him a sneak peak of my abdominals before the prejudging. Here are a few quotes from some of the judges, "what ever you did from Jackson to the New Orleans, worked, you look great". Another judge told me that I had achieved my best look ever and that I had posed the best that he had ever seen me pose before. After the show a judge approached me in the parking lot and said that I had a future in bodybuilding and to stick with it. Some people said that I may have had the best abdominals in the show.

"Overall I did what I wanted to do and got up on stage with those bigger guys and took it to them."

I achieved my best peak ever and I have raised the level of confidence in myself as far as capturing the Bantam weight title of 2002 Mr. Louisiana. I WILL be a threat, but I do have my work cut out for me! One of the best comments that I received last night came from my nutritionist Maris Lee. Maris told me that he was proud of me and reminded me that I had beaten a lot of muscle that night. I was definitely the smallest guy in the class but I had it together and the judges rewarded my look. Maris said that with 6 more pounds I could have beaten the other guy out for first place. I looked great and I was and am proud of my placing. I want to finish off the report of the Mr. New Orleans by stating that I was also the youngest lightweight competitor. The point that I am trying to make here is that I not only beat out some more muscular guys, I also beat out some maturity. My conditioning did it for me at this show and the hard work really paid off.

Pics From The Show
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Next Up: Mr. Louisiana

With the Mr. New Orleans behind me and under my belt I continued to plug away at the plans for the Mr. Louisiana. Here are my new plans for the 13 days that I have left to prepare for the show. I will consume about 190-250 grams of protein each day. I will eat only fibrous carbohydrates on my down days which will come solely from spinach. I will follow a low fat diet and on my 5th day down I will add in a few good fats, about 30 grams or so from soy nut butter to help me make it through the day. The scheme will go as follows four low days, one fat day, and one up day. I will go down for another four and then carb up for the show on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday will be assessed and I will eat what I need at that time. Saturday will be the prejudging and the evening show and hopefully I all of the hard work will be rewarded and I will take home the state title.

I will continue to train and my cardio schedule will be simple I call it "as much as possible". I will stay busy with cardio doing short intense sessions as well as longer less intense sessions. I will hit the cardio from every angle possible and come in "NASTY SHREDDED". Maris guessed that I was in the high 2% to low 3% body fat range. I want to shred that up even more. I have to do this; it is the only way for me to take home the title. I want to take the time to thank all of you, particularly the fans that have been sending me the nice complimentary and nice e-mails. I know that you are pulling for me and I will be working really hard over the next 13 days. I promise you some great pictures from the show and a detailed report to go along with them. I have been conversing with Mr. Ryan DeLuca (CEO and I have promised to give you guys a detailed off-season plan of attack as well. So think about me over the next 13 days and stay tuned for the results of the 2002 Mr. Louisiana. I really have to run (literally) because I should be working on my physique, but I have to thank for allowing me to represent the great company. A female competitor at the show actually knew who I was from reading my articles on the site. Her comment made me feel great! I hope to stay on with for years to come!

Dino Paul Pierce, CFT (III)
B.S. Dietetics
Natural Bodybuilder