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A Little About Me!

I'm 21 years old and am currently attending Berry College in Rome, GA. I will be transferring to the University of GA in the fall though. See his struggles and how he got to where he is today.
Before Bodybuilding
at 145 lbs.
After at
Competition Weight

Editor's Note: This is one of the most amazing before and after comparisons I've seen!

(Written Fall 2000)

Here's a little bit about myself.

I'm 21 years old and am currently attending Berry College in Rome, GA. I will be transferring to the University of GA in the fall though. I am double majoring in computer science and biochemistry with the intent of attending med school. My bio is as follows:

height: 5' 6 1/2"
offseason weight: ~190 lbs
competition weight: 165-170 lbs
Dean's List student

Here's a little history:
I was originally recruited by Berry to play soccer. I came in as a freshman weighing 145 lbs. I had a good freshman year campaign before coming across ankle problems. During this time, my coach decided that it would be best for me to maintain some level of fitness by doing some strength training in the gym. Reluctantly, I went to the gym but with no effort.

My roommate at the time (Chad-the guy on the website) was trying to train but we were both lackadaisical. Over that summer, my friends and I started going to the YMCA on a regular basis to train our chest. Yes, I admit that I was once a chest warrior. We went to the gym religiously for an entire summer.

I came back my sophomore year with newly added mass. Everyone was wanting to know what I was "on" or what my routine was like. My doctor (Dr. Dobrowolski) put me on a mass program which eventually paid dividends. I just told these people that I was on my doctor's program and they all wanted it. I, being so quick to help ones who seek help, assisted these weekend warriors in their quest for mass.

I was red shirted because of ankle problems this year from soccer which was disappointing but I had the gym to lift my spirits. It wasn't until the 2nd semester of my sophomore year that I got serious with my diet and supplementation. Once this happened, muscle began to grow abound everywhere on my body. I was soon tipping the scales at 170-175 lbs by the end of the summer. I was told that I should compete but never really cherished the idea of being onstage in my underwear.

I continued to train with Chad through my junior year and we both continued to improve our physiques. Under my supervision, Chad who is one year older than me dropped from 225 lbs his sophomore year to a shredded 165 lbs at the time of graduation. He is my finest work of art. It's kind of ironic that I would become the teacher because he was one of the ones who helped get me started my freshman year.

I was back to playing soccer for the school my junior year and watched my weight drop to a low of about 165 lbs. I felt so small. At the end of the season, I left for Christmas break vowing to pack it all back on. True to my word, I came back in about 5 weeks time weighing an all time high of 195 lbs all drug free. My secret was training hard and eating 4000 clean calories each and every day. I maintained this weight until I attend an April natural bodybuilding show with my friend and soon to be training partner, Israel. We decided that I was fit enough to take these guys even in the off season.

So we begain making plans for my first competition. I embarked on what proved to be an arduous 12 week journey to a shredded physique. I trained hard, ate as right as I possibly could, and supplemented with Xenadrine NRG only. This whole time, I took 2 summer classes (organic chem. 1 & 2), worked 2 jobs, and tried to juggle a relationship.

I literally watched my physique change each week. I always thought I was lean but boy was I ever wrong. The little fat I was carrying melted away while my vascularity greatly improved. Before I knew it, I was walking on stage at the Mr. GA competition in which I placed 4th in my weight class. Not bad for being drug free seeing how the Mr. GA is NOT a drug tested contest.

One week later, I won the novice middleweight and overall titles in the SNBF (Super Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness) and took 2nd in the Open Division. Placing 2nd qualified me for the SNBF Nationals coming up on Oct. 28th. I am currently preparing for a Sept. 9th show in which I plan to walk on stage with a physique worthy of being considered untouchable by the fans and other competitors. I might also do the Nationals if I can hang out to my physique for a few more weeks. Only time will tell.

That's my brief history of weight lifting.

As far as philosphy is concerned, I believe that one should train hard, train smart, and think BIG. You'd be surprised how powerful the mind is in overcoming adversity or in controlling your physiological self. Once I started dieting right, I started believing in my ability to grow. Almost instantly, I began to grow and get stronger.

I believe in the high intensity training of 6-8 reps. If I can handle more than 8 reps, I need more poundage. If I can't perform 6 reps, then I'm using too much. Sometimes, I will opt for 5 reps but that is rare.

I also am a student of bodybuilding. I own several bodybuiling books including my personal favorite, the Arnold Schwarznegger Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding which I refer to day in and day out for ways to better my training. When I train, I train like a man possessed. Nothing but a jug of water, ripping tunes, and all out effort. I know this sounds cliche but it's very true in my case. You can visit the gym I train at any day at about 9:00 PM and I promise you that I will be there going balls to the wall.

My routine changes only once in awhile. What I have designed has worked for my body and Chad's. So why mess with success? I believe in prioritizing certain body parts which need more work so the order changes with time.