Phano's Training Journal 12!

Lately, I've been eating an extraordinary number of calories so I'm feeling much fuller than I have been in the past month or so. I have also been stimulant free for over two months and this has affected my intensity level.

5/20/02 Monday-back

Lately, I've been eating an extraordinary number of calories so I'm feeling much fuller than I have been in the past month or so. I have also been stimulant free for over two months and this has affected my intensity level. However, I was still going to have a hell of a back workout today just because I love back training so much. To start things off, we began with front pull-ups. I did 3 sets of 10 reps for a warm up. Next came barbell rows using a pronated grip. In other words, overhand grip. I started with 135 pounds and banged out 15 reps. Next came 185 pounds for 10 reps and then 225 pounds for another 10 reps. I increased the weight one more time to 245 pounds and managed 6 reps with good form. To end this exercise, I performed a drop set using 185 pounds for 15 reps to get even more blood into my back.

Next came seated cable rows using an underhand grip just to hit the back differently. Starting with 140 pounds, I banged out 12 reps making sure to squeeze my back together. Next came 160 pounds for 10 reps. Our next exercise was curl grip pulldowns, one of my favorite pulldown movements. Starting with 140 pounds, I banged out 10 reps. The tightness in my back was unbelievable! Next came 160 pounds for 7 reps. We then headed to the other side of the gym to perform T-bar rows using a pronated or overhand grip. Starting with 135 pounds, I banged out 10 reps. Next came 180 pounds for 6 reps. I'm improving with each workout so I'm delighted.

We then headed back to the pulldown machine to perform front pulldowns using a slightly wider grip than normal. Starting with 120 pounds, I managed 10 reps. Next came 140 pounds for 7 reps. I was f#cking tired but I knew we still had deadlifts to do. Doh! To warm up, we put on 225 pounds and I banged out 10 easy reps. Next came 315 pounds for 6 reps. Finally, we put on 365 pounds and I banged out 10 reps. I managed to stay in the groove on my last set so the reps naturally came easy. Hopefully, this will continue in the weeks and years to come.

5/21/02 Tuesday-REST

5/22/02 Wednesday-shoulders

Today was our scheduled shoulder day and I've grown an extreme liking for shoulder training. I guess I just want huge delts. To warm up, we performed standing dumbbell side laterals. Starting with 15s, I performed 15 reps. Next came 20s for another 15 reps.

Finally, I used 25s for 10 reps. My delts were already pumped by this point so I knew I was going to have a hell of a workout. Next came our mass exercise, behind the neck presses. To warm up with this exercise, we put on 135 pounds and I performed 10 reps. Next came 185 pounds for 8 reps and then 195 pounds for 6 reps. Now that we were finished with this exercise, it was time to perform drop set standing dumbbell side laterals. I originally didn't like this exercise but now that I've been eating more carbs, the pump I am able to get is out of this world. I mean, by the time I finish my 2nd set, I can hardly lift my arms to my side because my delts are pumped and burning so intensely! Using 20s, 15s and 10s, I performed two drop sets of 10 reps per set of dumbbell for a total of 30 reps per set.

To begin, I grabbed the 20s and performed 10 reps. Then I grabbed the 15s and performed another 10 reps. Finally, I grabbed the 10s and performed my final 10 reps. Try doing this TWICE and feel for yourself! Next came T-bar rear delt laterals. Starting with 40s, I banged out 15 reps. Then I went up to 45s and performed another 15 reps. I then increased to 50s and performed another 15 reps. Man, the weight was just moving for me. For my final set, I used 55s for 10 reps. This exercise is a little different for me than the others. I don't feel the pump until after the set. That is when my rear delts get tight and engorged with blood. But what a feeling though! Next came machine shoulder presses. Starting with 150 lbs, I banged out 14 reps which is a huge improvement from last time. I increased the weight to 180 lbs and banged out an amazing 9 reps. Yeah, I was definitely feeling good and in the zone. Next came alternating dumbbell front raises, my least favorite shoulder exercise. Using 20s, I banged out 20 alternating reps which was rather easy.

To make things even more challenging, I used 30s and still managed 20 reps although it was hard as piss. Now that shoulders were done, it was time to hit our traps. We decided to move trap training to shoulder day instead of back day because it takes longer to train back than it does shoulders. Our first exercise was standing dumbbell shrugs. Using 100s, I performed three sets of 15 reps all to positive failure. As you can clearly see, trap training is quick and to the point because traps are very easy to build and it takes very little to stimulate growth, if you do the exercise correctly.

5/23/02 Thursday-hamstrings

Dave and I scheduled to train hamstrings at 12:30 today but I wasn't able to make it. I won't even get into why I couldn't make it but it was my fault and I take full responsibility. Not showing up at a scheduled time is completely out of my character. So that was that. I ended up going to train by myself later at night around 8 p.m. I wasn't feeling too motivated to train. Rather, I was feeling rage and uneasiness with some events that happened between my girlfriend and myself. I went to the gym more pissed than ever and I just set out to do my thing quickly and efficiently.

I didn't even warm up on the bike this time. I just hopped on the lying leg curl machine with my feet positioned together and started my sets. Using 60 pounds, I banged out two sets of 15 reps. Next came 100 pounds for 15 reps followed by 150 lbs for 10 reps. Now that I was nice and warm, or at least I thought I was, I put on the entire stack of 200 pounds and banged out a set of 10 reps and then a set of 8 reps. I then moved across the gym to the elevated platform to perform Romanian deadlifts using the barbell. I put on 135 pounds and banged out 15 quick reps. Next came 225 pounds for 10 easy reps and I was finished. My total gym time was probably around 20-25 minutes. Not exactly a great workout but at least I did something and didn't just sit out completely.

5/24/02 Friday-arms

After having a little discussion with Dave about yesterday's events, we decided to train today at 11:30 a.m. only because I had to leave for Chattanooga, Tenn. to attend my brother's high school graduation. I went to the gym a little early just because of what happened yesterday. I waited for him to show for about 30 minutes before I realized that he wasn't going to show just to get me back. Oh well, life goes on. So I just started my workout and I needed to make it quick but effective. I began with standing barbell curls. I grabbed just the bar and performed 15 reps with my hands about shoulder width apart. Next came 95 pounds for 10 reps. Finally, I put on 115 pounds and did 6 reps. I could have done more but my mind wasn't in it, as much as I hate to admit it. I just wanted to get a pump and get out of there. Next came preacher curls on the steep side of the bench using a narrow grip. I put on 70 pounds and performed 3 sets of 10 reps with little rest in between each set.

My biceps were pumped all to hell for only having done 6 sets total. I then moved directly into triceps training. I went to the dip bar and performed two sets of dips for 15 reps each. After some light stretching of my triceps, I went straight to perform close grip bench press. I put on 135 pounds and banged out 10 reps and then I put on 185 pounds and banged out another 10 reps. Finally, I put on 225 pounds and performed 6 reps to positive failure. What a feeling! For my final movement, I performed triceps extensions using a pronated grip. Using 150 pounds, I performed 15 reps. Then I increased to 200 pounds and performed 10 reps. All of this was done to positive failure since I trained on my own. It was quick and to the point, just the way I like it.

5/25/02 Saturday-quads

I can't recall the last time I trained on a Saturday. All I know is that it's been awhile. I usually don't like to train on Saturdays because I associate Saturday with laziness. I like to sit around the house and eat. However, I made an exception today. Since Dave and I aren't training together anymore, I now decide for myself when I train and where I train. Training by yourself has some benefits but I really miss training with my headphones. Music has always been heavily involved in my motivation.

It just pumps my adrenaline! Today was quads and I knew it was going to hurt a bit. OK, It's going to hurt a lot. I started off with leg extensions. Putting the pin at 60 pounds, I banged out 15 easy reps. Next it was 90 pounds for another 15 reps. My quads weren't feeling anything as of yet but I knew that was about to change. I then proceeded to the squat rack. Naturally, it was vacant. It's funny how everyone wants big legs but no one wants to f#cking squat. My advice to these whiners is to shut up and squat! I put on 135 pounds and banged out 15 easy reps. Next it was 135 pounds again for 10 reps. I then went up to 225 pounds for 10 reps. I was breathing a little hard just because I'm not used to training legs heavy as I used to.

Next came 315pounds. I performed two sets of 10 reps to positive failure without having to strain much. This was a lot easier than I thought it would be but I figured 10 would be a nice round number to stop at without having to try to kill myself. Next came walking lunges, one of my favorites. I performed two sets of 50 alternating steps. My legs were pumped all to hell! To finish off my quads and my workout, I went back to the leg extension machine. I set the pin at 120 pounds and performed 15 easy reps. Then I increased the weight to 180 pounds and finished off with another 15 reps. All in all, a great workout! Short and simple.

5/26/02 Sunday-REST