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Phano's Training Journal 9!

Even though I was feeling down about messing my right knee up last Saturday, I was glad to be back in the gym and able to train. Today was arms...

4/29/02 Monday-arms

Even though I was feeling down about messing my right knee up last Saturday, I was glad to be back in the gym and able to train. Today was arms and I knew that I had to hit it really hard since I didn't get to train hamstrings yesterday. Damn my knee! Oh well, shit happens. You just have to deal with it.

Today was the last day of classes before finals begin. I've said this before and I'll say it again: finals suck ass! I always lose my composure in the gym during finals week. Maybe this semester will be different, maybe not. Dave and I began today with the usual warm up on the bike and some stretching. I just goofed off while he stretched because I had nothing to stretch. I wasn't sore so why stretch anything? We then headed to the preacher bench to perform e-z preacher curls using the steep side of the bench. Using a narrow grip, we started with 70 lbs and banged out 12 easy reps. I was feeling good after this. Only one set down and I'm already getting a pump. Not too shabby. Next came 10 reps with the same weight. Ok, my biceps were pretty damned pumped. I then increased the weight to 90 and performed 8 solid reps. Yeah, it was hard but it felt good. I stuck with 90 lbs and got in another good 8 reps.

Next came 1 arm preacher curls using the steep side of the preacher bench again. As you can clearly see, I really like using this side as opposed to the other side because of its difficulty. Using a 40 lb dumbell, I managed a set of 10 reps per arm and a set of 8 reps per arm. I remember the 2nd set hurting a lot. All I could do was pull with my biceps and fight the negative to prevent my arm from tearing. What excruciating pain! I was having a hell of a workout and I had performed only two movements. Next came alternating seated incline dumbell curls using 35s. I didn't want to sacrifice form for weight here because that had been a problem of mine in the past. I was so worried about curling a ton of weight when in reality, all I had to do was concentrate on my biceps contracting. How stupid of me. Using 35s, I managed a set of 16 alternating reps and then a set of 14 alternating reps. A step down from last time but I was feeling better. You can't always measure a workout by how much weight you throw around. Sometimes, it just "feels" better and sometimes it doesn't.

Next came a twist in our workout: 1 arm preacher hammer curls. If you've ever done hammer curls before, then I would strongly suggest that you give these bad boys a try. There is absolutely no way to cheat on this! If you can cheat, then I commend you. You will feel something in your arms which you can't feel doing this same exercise standing. You will feel as if your arm is about to rip off and all you can do to stop it is to resist the weight the entire way. No momentum, just flat out pulling! Using a 40 lb dumbell, I managed a 2 sets of 6 reps per arm. Not too bad for never having done this exercise before. Next time, I will know to start off at 35 lbs or maybe even lighter just to get used to this movement. Try it. You will not be disappointed. Now that biceps were done, it was time to move on to triceps. To start off, Dave and I did 2 sets dips for 15 reps each. This always gives me a good pump. I don't know what it is about my body mechanics but I've always been able to perform dips very well. I know others who can't feel dips in their triceps at all. That's bullshit! If you do them right, you can feel them. End of story!

We then headed to the cable machine to perform e-z reverse grip triceps extensions. Using 150, I perform 15 easy reps. Then it was 200 for 9 reps. Some improvement from last time so I was happy. Next came a suggestion by Dave which I will give him credit for: close grip bench press. I normally grab the bar using a grip which keeps my thumbs about 12 inches apart from each other. Anything closer will put unnecessary strain on my wrists and we all know how bad my wrists are. Starting with 185, I perform 9 solid reps. Then with 205, I perform 7 tough but rewarding reps. I was feeling my triceps big time. For our final exercise, we performed lying triceps extensions. Some people call these skull crushers, nose breakers, etc. Whatever! You can call them what you want so long as you know that they build massive triceps. I've always done them and will always do them as long as my joints keep functioning properly. I only used 90 lbs to alleviate joint stress which I have been having lately. I performed 2 sets of 12 reps to positive failure with this exercise. Nothing extraordinary, just enough to feel the exercise without overstressing my elbows. After this workout, I was feeling good despite an exam within 30 minutes. I had to get going if I was going to make it on time. Oh yeah, finals suck!

4/30/02 Tuesday-REST

5/1/02 Wednesday-quads

Today was our scheduled quad day but since I messed my knee up, I was going to excuse myself from training. However, it did not excuse me from going to the gym to guide Dave through a horrendous quad workout. Needless to say, Dave was hurting like a mother*&@!