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One Week Out Contest Prep Update!

Have you ever wondered how a competitive bodybuilder prepares one week out from the contest? Get an exclusive look at each day of Phano's final week prep before the SNBF Nationals on Oct. 28th...

Dear Readers,

It's now October 21st and I am exactly one week away from SNBF Nationals. Needless to say, things have fallen right into place. I have been good with my diet, my training, and my supplementation. Today starts the first of three carb depletion days. I will outline what the next week will look like. Everything is riding on my timing. Wish me luck!

Water: 2.5 gallons/day distilled
Food: 400g/100g(protein/carbs) for protein use chicken, turkey, or tuna; for carbs use 1/2 cup of broccoli and 1/2 cup of cucumber
MCT Oil: 1 tbsp/meal
Sodium: 100 mg/day
Supplements: no supplements except vitamin C, Adipokinetix at 2 tabs(7 am, 11 am, 3 pm, and 7 pm), and Potassium at 250 mg per meal
Exercise: Bis/Tris/Forearms
Sauna: 25 min. midafternoon
Aerobics: 45 min in morning and 45 min before bed

Everything the same as Saturday except we will be doing last leg training session and water intake will be 2 gallons of distilled.

everything the same as Sunday except we will be briefly training chest, back, and shoulders to deplete muscles of stored glycogen to prepare for upcoming carb loading phase and sodium will be NONE

Water: 6 oz/meal distilled
Food: 150 g/500 g(protein/carb) use sweet potatoes, soy beans, brown rice, and whole wheat spaghetti for carb portion and for protein use turkey, tuna, or chicken
MCT oil: 2 tbsp/meal
Sodium: None
Supplements: only creatine monohydrate at 4 grams per meal and potassium at 250 mg per meal
Exercise: use isometric tension to help keep muscles "hard" and practice routine
Sauna: 30 min. midafternoon
Aerobics: None

Same as Tuesday

Same as Tuesday

Same as Tuesday except go to sauna twice at 30 min. a time(in morning and after posing session)
After weigh-in, have 8 oz steak, baked potato, and 8 oz distilled water

If things go well, I will peak on Saturday morning. Remember that I've recently done two shows and I think this will work for me. My body takes a little longer to restore glycogen levels in the muscle and liver to give you that "full" look. I will keep everyone posted.

best wishes,