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Are You A Loser?

No one likes to be a loser. That is, unless being a loser means that you're losing unwanted body fat and beginning to take on the kind of shape you've always wanted to have...

No one likes to be a loser. That is, unless being a loser means that you're losing unwanted body fat and beginning to take on the kind of shape you've always wanted to have. But keep in mind that despite what "quick fix" diet plans and schemes lead you to believe, losing weight isn't just about cutting calories or jogging from home to Canada every day. Losing body fat, fashioning a shape, and maintaining all of that over the months and years of your life takes some serious changes in lifestyle.

Had you ever imagined that being a good "loser" entailed so much? My guess is probably not, if you're like 75% of all Americans who are in the dark about what having an attractive, fit body actually requires. Losing, it seems is full of more complexity than meets the eye. Here are some tips to assure that you'll be an All-Star Loser!

  • 1) Start your diet with a food diary. Record what you were doing at the time and how you felt. that tells you about yourself, your temptation, and the emotional states that encourage you to snack, and may help you lose once you see how much you eat.

  • 2) Instead of eating the forbidden piece of cheesecake, brush your teeth with toothpaste you love. Or even try chewing gum.

  • 3) If you're about to cheat, allow yourself a treat, then eat only half a bite and throw the other half away.

  • 4) When hunger hits, wait 10 minutes before eating and see if it passes. Cravings of all kinds typically do pass if you don't dwell on them.

  • 5) Set attainable goals! Don't say, "I want to lose 50 pounds." Say, "I want to lose five pounds a month." Better yet, don't talk about your weight, but how your pants fit or how you look to yourself in the mirror.

  • 6) Get enough sleep, but not too much.

  • 7) Try to avoid sugar. Highly sweetened foods tend to make you crave more.

  • 8) Drink six to eight glasses of water a day. Water itself helps cut down on water retention because it actress as a diuretic. Taken before meals, it dulls the appetite by giving you that "full feeling," causing you to eat less.

  • 9) Diet with a friend. People who care about one another can help each other succeed.

  • 10) Substitute activity for eating. When the cravings hit you right between the eyes, go to the gym, dust your house, organize your closets, plant flowers in your garden, or walk around the block. This is especially helpful if you eat out of anger.

  • 11) If the cake on the counter is just too great a temptation and you don't want to throw it away, freeze it in tiny, one-inched cubed pieces so that you can take one out and eat it without too much guilt. Or you can even give it away so someone else can enjoy it.

  • 12) If you're a lat-night eater like myself, have a carbohydrate, such as a slice of bread or a cracker, before bedtime to cut down on cravings.

  • 13) If you use food as a reward, establish a new reward system. Buy yourself a non-edible reward to replace it.

  • 14) Write down everything you eat. everything including what you taste when you cook. If you monitor what you eat, you'll see where your problems actually lie. this is valuable in terms of fixing the problem and becoming aware in the future.

  • 15) Weigh yourself once a week at the same time wearing the same amount of clothes. Your weight fluctuates constantly, and you can weigh more at night than you did in the morning, which can be a real downer if you stuck to your diet all day.

  • 16) Making dining an event. Eat from your own special plate(smaller than normal), and on your own special placemat. Make things look beautiful, and you'll feel that you're worthwhile to fuss over.

  • 17) Shop the perimeter of the supermarket only. That's where fresh whole foods are.

  • 18) Avoid finger foods that are easy to eat in large amounts.

  • 19) Avoid consuming large quantities of fattening liquids, which are so easy to overdo. Unfortunately, this includes alcoholic beverages.

  • 20) Lose weight for yourself, not to please your husband, your parents, or your friends. It'll make the end goal worthwhile and more self satisfying.

  • 21) NEVER SKIP MEALS! Skipping means your metabolism slows down and can't handle the utilization of all food you feed it. When you skip meals, the next time you eat an average to large meal, you'll end up storing most of the calories as fat resulting in your body believing itself to being starvation mode.
These are merely a few guidelines which I have set forth in your never-ending quest of a better body. There are many others out there and your job is to find which ones work best for you. Pick and choose carefully and learn to enjoy the process. Being healthy and fit isn't something that happens overnight. You have to work hard at it and believe in yourself. Until next time, train hard, train smart, think BIG!