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Building Triceps Like A 'Genetic Freak'!

I'm sure there is that one guy at your gym who just seems to have a specific bodypart which is better than everything else. Learn how here!

Have you ever known a person with a bodypart which sticks out above the rest? I'm sure there is that one guy at your gym who just seems to have a specific bodypart which is better than everything else. That can be attributed to several factors but I will address only 2 of these factors because I think they are the most important.

  • It could be the way he/she trains.
  • It could be his/her genetics. Genetics plays a vital role in the shape of different muscles.

That is why I think there are many lifters out there searching for that magical routine to improve a lagging bodypart. I know I'm still searching but to no avail because I know the real magical routine is working hard and overcoming plateaus.

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My friends have addressed me as something of a "genetic freak." I like to think that I work hard and that genetics has little or no emphasis on my physique but who am I kidding? God blessed me with good genetics and I thank the Lord for what he has given me but I will still continue to test my limits.

My Triceps Routine

In the meantime, I will share with everyone my triceps routine because I have been told that my triceps are a cut above the rest especially for my age and training experience. They seem to have that fullness that few bodybuilders have even at the pro level. Anyhow, I ran across a routine almost 2 years ago which I have been using ever since.

I used to hammer my arms until I was blue in the face but they didn't seem to grow. Now I train them infrequently, about once every 8 days, and I do very few sets. Now they grow like wildfire.

My triceps routine was short and intense but it seemed to deliver the punch I was looking for. Remember, your triceps composes up to 2/3 of your arm and training them should be done with all out intensity just like training any other bodypart.

I also like to emphasize good form over perfect form. While many advocate perfect form, you can only break through strength barriers by using what I consider controlled cheating.

Triceps Routine


And that's it, believe it or not. Train them hard and infrequently because triceps get a lot of ancillary work in your chest and shoulder training. Train hard and make those triceps grow to mind boggling proportions!