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PH3: Layne Norton's Power And Hypertrophy Trainer, Day 29

For the past month you've put in work and stacked on the plates in the accumulation phase. Today, push on to the next level with the intermediate block.

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You've completed the first four weeks of my program. It's been a taxing journey that carved your physique and tested your limits. Before you chalk up and begin the intermediate weeks, make sure you've completed the rep test at the end of the accumulation block and have put those numbers into the calculator on that day. You'll need to know your numbers before you can begin.

If you've already done the rep test and have been cleared to move on to Phase 2, then you're ready to get started. Let's go lift!

Apply Phase 2 in BodySpace
Day 29: Squat, Bench, Deadlift


75% of max
2 sets of 8 reps
Squat Squat


Bench Press

75% of max
2 sets of 8 reps
Bench Press Bench Press



75% of max
2 sets of 6 reps
Deadlift Deadlift

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