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Pulled-Pork Sandwich Eating Championship: Is The Furious One Unbeatable?

I began doing restaurant challenges & online eating contests and broke every record I would attempt. Here are the details and results of the pulled pork eating competition where I ate over 11 lbs in the first round!

Article Summary:
  • Pete's biggest challenge was Ian 'the Invader' Hickman.
  • Furious Pete consumed 17 pulled pork sandwiches in 8 minutes.
  • Competitors ranged from small females to big gutted workers.

Pulled Pork Sandwich Eating Championship

I've had probably one of the best mental transformations to come to in quite some time. Starting with some health problems just over five years ago to a solid 200 plus pound physique, and hopefully step on stage in less than a year's time.

In early 2003, Peter Czerwinski was diagnosed with an eating disorder which causes them to limit the food he/she intakes. After much work, he beat his health problem and is now a writer for and an active forum member.

View His BodySpace Profile:

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Left: Peter in 2003; Right: Peter in 2008.

Although that transformation seems to be mind blowing for some people, what I discovered just over a year ago was even more shocking. I could eat... and I could eat a lot and FAST.

I began doing restaurant challenges and online Controlled Labs eating contests. I broke every restaurant record I would attempt. (72oz steak in 7 min, 106 oz steak in 30 min, 2lb (precooked) pasta plate in 18 min, Italian challenge, burger challenges and the list continues), and people began to mention that I should compete.


Peter Czerwinski:
Most Bananas In 2 Minutes!

Check out Peter Czerwinski break the world record for the most bananas eaten in 2 minutes.

So back in February Arnie Chapman, founder of an eating organization called AICE (Association for Independent Competitive Eaters) asked if I would participate in the North American Collegiate Eating Championships in San Diego.

As soon as I heard it was all sponsored, well... who wouldn't accept a free trip to San Diego, and all I had to do was eat. So a new journey began, and I am privileged to have sponsor me and support me in my contests, the place that seriously helped save my life.


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2008 Collegiate Eating Championships!
My first professional eating competition was a spectacle of incredible proportions! The goal was to eat 5 lbs of food in 7 minutes.
Peter C.

The weekend of June 13th and 14th was another epic event in my short eating career thus far. I flew into JFK Airport and got picked up by Arnie Chapman, and we drove to Dover, Delaware (the location of the contest). The restaurant hosting this event was Dickeys BBQ pit. Local newspapers were advertising the event for the next day, stating that a Canuck was even coming!

I got to talk to the owner of the restaurant, some media, and even got to try a pulled pork sandwich (first time ever!). Let me tell you about this little sandwich. A nice soft bun... and inside is pork that has been marinated and cooked for 12 hours and then covered in a special BBQ sauce. I pretty much had an orgasm in my mouth. Of course for show I decided to eat the entire sandwich in one bite... leaving everyone in 'awe'.

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Furious Pete Czerwinski's A.I.C.E. Logo.

I'd go on with the rest of the day, stating how good it was, but honestly there is nothing to do in Dover, Delaware. My hotel room was more exciting than the most 'hip' club in town. But maybe I'm just used to different scenarios and atmospheres.

The day of the event arrived. Woke up and had a Prolab Lean Mass MRP which was delicious as always. I figured that was something that could last me a couple hours and I would be hungry for my eating at 1pm.

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Competition Day

We arrived at Dickeys BBQ pit and the competitors started to pile in. Then came the great one, Ian "The Invader" Hickman. This guy has won a ton of events and was definitely worrying me.

Competitors ranged from small fit females to the usual big gutted construction workers. The event had 16 competitors, there would be two 5-minute rounds, and then the top eight would go over to a 3 minute speed round. Competitors kept their totals from the 5 minute round going into the 3 minute round.

I was in the first heat - The count down started - 3... 2... 1... and we all dove into the sandwiches. They were A LOT more dry than the day before and a lot harder to eat. Regardless, I managed to shock everyone by downing 11 1/4 lb sandwiches in the first 5 minutes.

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Competitors Ranged From Small Fit Females
To The Usual Big Gutted Construction Workers.

Next up was the heat with Ian the Invader. This was what I was worrying about, to see how well I actually did. Ian downed 8 in the 5 minutes and was in 2nd place going into the final. I was relieved that I actually did well.

The final heat had us side by side. I managed to excel and downed 6 in that time and had a grand total of 17 sandwiches in the 8 minute total time. Ian got 12 total and came in 2nd place.

The final standings looked like this:

Competitor Hometown Sandwiches Prize Money
1. Furious Pete Czerwinski Canada 17.0 $500
2. Ian 'the Invader' Hickman VA 12.0 $250
3. James "Big Bess" Besser VA 8.4 $100
4. Ravenous Ray Gamble DE 7.0  
4. Keith "Templeton The Rat" Koyanagi DE 7.0  
5. Spencer "The Green Machine" Green DE 6.3  
6. Wilson "Teege" Gillipsie DE 5.5  
6. Michael "The Sauce Man" Allen DE 5.5  

Other Contestants:

    • Justin Curley
    • Kristan Curley
    • Corey Curley
    • Meghan Haugh
    • Brian Spencer
    • Ryan "Big White" Doherty


I think I'm getting more comfortable with downing food fast, I'm learning small tricks here and there and hopefully this will translate into the events in July. My updates of events will be frequent and I'll share anything new I learned and interesting competitors I meet.

Fast Food
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I Think I'm Getting More
Comfortable With Downing Food Fast.

Next up is the Hamburger eating contest July 4th at Coney Island! Come out and watch as I compete and stand behind!

"Furious" Pete's Competitive Record

Date Place Contest Record
7/19/08 1st World Reuben Eating Championship 5.7 sandwiches in 8 min
7/18/08 1st Bartolini’s Meatball Eating Championship 43 2 oz. meatballs in 7 min
7/13/08 1st Caribbean Food Delights National Beef Patty Eating Championship 14 4.5 oz. beef patties in 3m14s
7/4/08 1st 4th Annual Independence Day Hamburger Eating Championship 9.75 .5 lb. hamburgers in 6 min
6/14/08 1st North East Pulled-Pork Sandwich Eating Championship 17 sandwiches in 8 min
4/19/08 1st The Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship 3.5 plates in 7 min

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