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Peter's Introduction Into Competitive Eating Competition!

You may have heard about me before through various articles and threads on the forums related to Eating Disorders and my successful recovery... What you may have not known... is that I am now a competitive eater. Learn more.

Have you ever pictured that Eating Competitions and Bodybuilding can mix? Looking at the obesity in North America, one can only be shocked to find out that it can!

My name is Peter Czerwinski and I have been a dedicated forum member here at for many years, have always maintained a pretty good physique, and have had a well rounded diet. You may have heard about me before through various articles and threads on the forums related to Eating Disorders and my successful recovery from one. What you may have not known... is that I am now a competitive eater.

In early 2003, Peter Czerwinski was diagnosed with anorexia, an eating disorder that causes those who possess it to have a fear of gaining weight, which causes them to limit the food he/she intakes. After much work, he beat his disease and is now a writer for and an active forum member. Read more about Peter's battle with anorexia here.

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Left: Peter in 2003; Right: Peter in 2008.

You may be thinking right now that this is d@mn near impossible and just something that will kill me mentally because of where I have been, but you would be wrong. In fact, this aspect has made me stronger mentally and physically. If I can do a complete 180 degree turn with life, and go from eating nothing to anything, well then anything is achievable.

So how did this all start? Not the previous Eating Disorder, because I have talked about it in the past and won't bother you here with it, but the competitive eating. I would accept all the bashing if I had progressed into this on my own, and would agree that yes there is an issue. However, this was not my doing.


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Food Is The Enemy!
Over a year ago I was hospitalized for an eating disorder. The following article explains exactly what anorexia is and the story of my experience with it.
Peter C.

After a night of partying with some buddies in February of 2007, we woke up to go eat some breakfast at a local breakfast place. We sat down where each of us ordered different things from the menu. A few of us, including me, ordered a dish called the linebacker which consisted of 2 pieces of French toast, pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes and home fries... a dish that would sure fill up any normal person.

However, when we got our meals, I managed to finish my breakfast before anyone finished even half of theirs and shockingly my buddies asked if I was still hungry, and agreed that I was.

Peter Czerwinski
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I Managed To Finish My Breakfast Before
Anyone Finished Even Half Of Theirs.

We asked the waitress what the previous record was for consumption of these dishes, and she told us that there have been a few that have finished two. So my buddy ordered another two, and I was told that I had one hour to finish the two dishes. I did, but did so in fifteen minutes, so we ordered another one, and by the time it was made and I consumed it, I still had ten minutes left.

I had doubled the previous record, and since then my buddies have been challenging me in various things. Feats like eating a 72 oz steak in 7 minutes, 1500 grams of oats in 40 minutes, 50 slices of pizza in an hour, 106oz steak in 30 minutes, 18 bananas in 2 minutes, 40 peanut butter and banana sandwiches and many more.


Peter Czerwinski:
Most Bananas In 2 Minutes!

Check out Peter Czerwinski as he breaks the world record for the most bananas eaten in 2 minutes.

Some of you reading this must be thinking, "gross" or "Have you talked to a doctor about this?" or "He really has just switched over eating disorders." Well the fact of the matter is, I eat like this once in awhile, like once a month.

My diet is clean 95% of the time, and as a result, my body can handle epic proportions of food like this. Along with that, I don't train for this like most competitive eaters, apart from drinking about 12-15 liters of water a day.

The only advantage I have in this "sport," is that I don't get full. My brain NEVER tells me to stop eating or tells me I'm full. I will obviously feel my stomach muscles stretching and feel uncomfortable, but will never actually be "satisfied." Odd? Yes. However I do believe it is linked to my past Anorexia, in which I starved myself, and turned off a signal at one point, somehow. I don't want or need to get into the scientific aspect of this issue, but it is evident, and for now... I'll take full advantage of it.

I came back from my first professional eating competition in San Diego, California last weekend, in which I won in a very big way (I am the North American Collegiate Eating Champion), and am now ranked fourth in North America as part of AICE.


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2008 Collegiate Eating Championships!
My first professional eating competition was a spectacle of incredible proportions! The goal was to eat 5 lbs of food in 7 minutes.
Peter C.

What I should mention is that there are two eating organizations in the world, IFOCE and AICE. IFOCE requires you to sign a contract, give a good amount of your winnings to the organization and you can do anything to the food as you eat it. AICE does NOT have contracts, and you eat the food as it is (no dunking, mashing etc). Ultimately, I think that AICE is a "moral" way of eating, and many people think that this method will slowly take over.

So that was my introduction to one of the most ironic things you will come across on this site. I will continue to write articles here, reviewing contests that I was at (and hopefully won), different techniques that I come across with time and other related issues.

Christian Muscox McCarthy & Furious Pete
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Peter Czerwinski At The 2008 Collegiate Eating Nationals.
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Join me as I work my way to the top of the ranking and try to shock the world for all its worth!