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The Guide To A Sexy Body!

What do most men want from their woman's bodies? To answer that question no education is needed: sexy legs, tight abdominals, fine butt� That is why I decided to write an article on women�s training.

What do most men want from their woman's bodies? To answer that question no education is needed: sexy legs, tight abdominals, fine butt... This may sound ruthless, but it is true. Men are no inferior to women - women like handsome blokes too. It is human to get excited about good-looking people.

The before mentioned thing is a fact of life and there is no point in fighting against it. That is why I decided to write an article on women's training. The problematic issues in training and nutrition will be tackled and, in addition, some myths will be dispelled.

Myths That Just Won't Die

To begin with, if you lift heavy, you are not going to look like a bodybuilder. Men and women are different - women just do not have the hormonal ability to get that huge. Actually, most women who do not progress are not lifting enough heavy weights. Usually, they are so scared about bulking up that they stick with those 5-pound weights.

They should know that they ought to challenge their bodies in order to get some results. At first, it is recommendable to use smaller weights, but after the person has progressed a bit, she can start to lift heavier weights. You won't look like a monster that is for sure, but you will have a tight body instead.


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Female Training Myths!
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Secondly, there is no such thing as spot-orientated fat-reduction. No matter how hard you want to have a tight butt or a tight waistline, you won't get one if you are only doing lunges or sit-ups. You will just end up feeling sore and dreaming about the sexy stomach or tight butt.

Fat is all over your body and therefore it comes off from all over your body. Train hard and monitor your diet, and the fat will come off.

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Train Hard & Monitor Your
Diet And The Fat Will Come Off.

Thirdly, for some reason women tend to overeat carbs. And as a result of this they lack protein. Good sources for protein are skinless chicken and turkey, fish and lean beef.

As far as I am concerned, the good balance is 45-55 % of your calories coming from carbs, 30-40 % coming from protein and about 15 % coming from fats. Though only the essential fats, such as the fats coming from nuts and salmon, should be included to diet.

Finally, do not be obsessed with your lower body. Most women tend to overtrain their legs and butt. In due course this can result into muscle injuries and serious imbalance between your muscles.

Training With Weights And Cardio

A common question is that how many times should women train with weights during one week? I am of the opinion that four is enough. There are many great training programs for women, but a good basic rule is this: pair a small body part with larger one each day. Of course, you can train full body for instance three times a week. Try what works for you!

If you are looking to add size, then 6-12 reps and 4-8 sets is ideal. Use heavy weights and rest between 1-2 minutes. The quantity of reps and sets is dependant on the muscle size - do fewer reps and sets to smaller muscles.


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If you are trying to get toned, I recommend 15-20 reps. Rest time between the sets should be no more than 45 seconds. At first, you might find that too hard, but you will get used to it.

Okay, should women use free weights or machines? In my opinion, machines are good for beginners, because they "teach" proper form and they are easy to use. Free weights, on the other hand, are good for those who want to really challenge their muscles. That is why, free weights are the only option for those who want to add size.

Do You Train With Free Weights Or Machines?

Free Weights

Then, perhaps, the most important part of women's training - cardio. When should women do it? For those who have full-time jobs, I recommend that they get up early and do it before eating breakfast. Because after a busy day at work and a hard weight training session people are usually too tired to do it.

This is why they tend to skip it. But if you have time to do the cardio after your weight training, then that is great. Then I recommend that you do it after lifting weights.

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If you are short on time, then try to combine your weight training and cardio. This means that you can perform different kind of exercises without resting between the sets. Of course, you cannot do many sets of the same exercise, but use smaller weights and move on to the next exercise.

Write It Down And Take Pictures

One of the hardest parts of training is to stick with the training program, this is why it ought to be written on a paper. When you see it in black and white, it is easier to stick with it. This will prevent you from cheating and therefore you will get better results.

In the end, it all comes down to a question have you achieved anything, did you get the results you wanted? The only way to see whether your methods were correct is to take a before and after pictures.

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This is absolutely the best way to monitor your progress. Many persons that have been successful in their attempts to gain a sexy body have taken a before and after pictures. Some are afraid of doing that, because they are scared to look at the facts.

No Gain Without Pain

If you are serious in getting the body of your dreams, you will have to do some sacrifices. No gain without pain, as they say. You must day after day break that comfort-zone and do your utmost in order to get some results.

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No Gain Without Pain.

You must calculate your daily calorie in-take, exclude unhealthy and fattening foods from your diet, train like a maniac and gather as much information on bodybuilding and fitness as possible. For some persons this is too much, they prefer cold beers, cakes and so on.