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Size Matters: Bust Out Of Those Sleeves!

Almost everybody finds it difficult to arrange time to train. That is why in this article I have listed six ways to get more out of each day. In addition to training, reading this article will help you in your daily chores too.

Big arms attract attention that is something that nobody can deny. No matter where you are your arms will be evaluated. Athletes like Chris Cormier and Lee Priest have always been popular, but without muscular and well-defined arms they would not be so successful. Not all of us are interested in stepping to Mr. Olympia stage, but almost all of us would like big arms.

So anyone, who wants to look admirable, must know how to get split biceps, well-defined triceps and strong forearms.

This article is divided into two sections, the nutritional part and the training part. So are you ready to pack up some muscle mass? By reading this article you will know how to do that.

Top 10 Tips For Building Big Massive Arms

  1. Perform 2-4 warm up sets. This will result in a muscle, which is less likely to get injured. If you want to bust out those sleeves, there is no time for injuries. In addition, warm-up sets will increase blood flow to the muscle, therefore it will be more elastic.

  2. Do not go daft about the big weights. Constant tension on the muscle is important, therefore do not try to move as big weights as possible. Biceps and triceps in particular are not meant to carry big weights. All in all, the muscle does not know how much weight it is carrying, so train hard and feel the burn.

  3. Slow motion is the key to contraction. Many bodybuilders do their reps as quickly as possible and that is why their movements are less effective. No matter what muscle part is being trained, there is no point in rushing. It is the quality, not quantity, that matters.

  4. Keep your mind open and vary your exercises. There are many old-school exercises that are forgotten and there are many new methods that lack credibility. Try different kinds of exercises, you never know what might work for you. Besides, changing your workouts is fun.

  5. Do not rest too long between your sets. Rest period should be approximately one minute, this is enough to let you catch your breath. Of course, you will not be able to perform so heavy sets, when you rest just about a minute, but who cares! It is the muscle mass which matters, not the weights.

  6. Select a training poundage with which you can perform 7-10 reps. Have your partner assist you if necessary. If you have already performed 10 reps and you feel like you can still perform one or two, then just do that. The important thing is to bring the muscle to the point of failure. Again, the important thing is to feel the burn. Do not be satisfied with yourself, if you do not feel it.

  7. If you want big arms, work them first. Use strict form and feel your arms working.

  8. Try to increase you training weights periodically. The basis of a good workout program is to increase your weights to heavier ones. This will overload the muscle and the muscle will adapt by growing.

  9. Light stretching is important. It helps the muscle to recover and it also prevents the muscle from getting injured. Some bodybuilders stretch their muscles even between the sets. The same thing might work for you too, try it.

  10. Focus on each rep, each set and each workout. Do not make time for talk. You can see your friends later.

5 Nutritional Tips For Packing On Size

  1. It is common knowledge that a person must eat at least 2 grams of protein per kilo of bodyweight in order to increase muscle size. Good sources for protein are fish, skinless chicken and turkey, red meat (avoid the wrong cuts of red meat), protein supplements and soy products. These are just examples, try what works best for you.

  2. It is better to eat frequent meals instead of one big meal. This is because frequent, and usually smaller, meals do not leave you feeling too full. As far as packing on size is concerned, it is highly recommendable to eat at least five times per day.

  3. Now the most obvious part. If you want to gain weight, your daily calorie intake must be bigger than the amount of calories burnt per day. That is simple, but still there are so many gym-goers who do not seem to understand it. Basically, the more you eat, the more you gain weight.

  4. Consume at least 4 grams of complex carbs per kilo of bodyweight. Good sources for complex carbs are rice, potatoes and pasta. There are many, many bodybuilders, who do not understand the importance of complex carbs. Now, it is very important that you understand the difference between complex carbs and carbs in general. As far as I am concerned, you should read the trade descriptions in the food store.

  5. Simple sugars and saturated fats ought to be avoided. Avoid all candies, sodas and other sweet stuff, they won't do if you are serious on packing up some solid muscle mass. Only the essential fats should be included to diet. For instance, salmon and nuts contain essential fats, and therefore they should not be avoided.


In conclusion, bodybuilders use most of the year adding muscle mass to their bodies in order to look bigger in competitions. Depending on the athlete's cardiovascular exercises and metabolism he or she can calculate the time, which will be needed to get shredded and ready for a competition.

But there is no point in getting shredded, if the athlete does not have strong, big muscles. And remember, in addition to abs, it is arms, which will be evaluated first - no matter whether you are on stage or at the disco.

If you do not believe me, ask your friends or you can test it yourself. Next time when you take off your shirt look around where people are gazing - trust me, it is not your eyes, no matter how beautiful they are.

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