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How To Stay Lean During The Holidays!

For sure, dieters bump into distracting temptations all the times, but some days it's naturally difficult to follow your diet and workout regimen...

For sure, dieters bump into distracting temptations all the times, but some days it's naturally difficult to follow your diet and workout regimen... I'm talking about Christmas.

Even the most disciplined bodybuilder have a hard time staying on track! Everywhere there's scrumptious foods, cookies, candy, chocolate! If you feel like it, please loosen up and enjoy, but don't get frustrated when you notice how fast the weight puts on.

In Sweden, the bodybuilding shows take place about 1-2 months before Christmas and that means most competitors are sick and tired of dieting when the holidays come. So they indulge. A lot!

From my latest contests (She took 1st).

I'm not like most fitness enthusiasts who don't care whether they gain access fat occasionally or not. I cannot stand it! It's so much more difficult to get rid of it and soon enough it's springtime and the last thing I need is feeling fat. I then know I will do too much cardio and lose some muscle.

In order to stay cool you need to have a plan set out for yourself. Remember, no one can make you splurge if you don't let yourself do it. There is actually no such thing as 'I have to'! These strategies apply all year round but during the holidays the get more important than ever since you'll face more challenges than at other times…

Strategies To Help You Succeed

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Make sure you have all your regular meals with you. That means you don't need to compromise and eat something less nutritional. I'm an all or nothing person who fail when I get into a situation when I feel there's no way around it but downing the pie/pizza or whatever. Feeling like a loser I give up and eat whatever I want. So for me it's not even a choice to have just one little slice of something. It's my mental weakness, but I'm aware of it.

Pick & Choose

Ok, you're in front of the biggest Christmas smorgasbord or buffet you've ever seen and there are so many good items you want to try. What to do? Firstly, you drink two big glasses of water, wait for the other guests to help themselves and then decide.

By waiting a couple of minutes the water will fill you up a bit so you'll feel less hungry and you can also weigh the pros and cons for each dish. Some are more fatty, other have more carbs. When you have all on your plate, down two additional glasses of water, wait a couple of minutes, socialize and think about your bodybuilding goals one last time. Now eat and enjoy! This strategy shuts down the bingeing signals making it easier to enjoy your food without going overboard.

Don't Romanticize The Bad Foods!

I was at the movies the other day. I had already been in a bad mood for many hours, feeling extremely aggressive and the sweet tooth was there all day long. I thought about having a cheat day, I really felt for indulging in delicious candy and popcorn... I was so close to surrender. However, I tried to remind myself that I would feel bulky the next day and that the temporary satisfactions it would give was only going to last for so long. After that I'd feel bloated, extremely thirsty and have a hard time working out the very next day. I also reminded myself that I ALWAYS feel even hungrier after cheating.

I am proud to announce I didn't let myself go! Sure, I was pissed of for a couple of hours and felt I was losing time for eating, but when I woke up the next day, I felt powerful! There's no better thing than being in control!