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2002 Boise Fitness Celebration: Page 3.

The 2002 Boise Fitness Celebration was held on April 1st at the Rose Room downtown. All the fit bodies in Boise came together for one rockin' event to celebrate the fitness lifestyle.

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The girls were having fun too.
Craig really didn't want to take a picture with girls crawling all over his body...

The girls helped hand out samples.
Posing for the camera!

Mandy, Bryna and Debbie - All employees.
They partied the night away. Oh yeah!

Strongman Corey St. Clair tells the crowd about his next feat of strength...
Lifting a 330 pound rock!

Julie Shipley performed her AMAZING fitness routine!
She also signed autographs in the Met-Rx booth.

Top national fitness competitor Tiffany Ripple performs!
She's from Idaho! We were all proud.

Tiffany talks with Debbie after the routine.
She placed 6th in the 2001 Fitness America out of 96 girls!

The Jamaca Me Tan swimwear fashion show!
Mark Tilden shows off his ripped bod.

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More pics... half naked people and people partying down!