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2002 Boise Fitness Celebration: Page 2.

The 2002 Boise Fitness Celebration was held on April 1st at the Rose Room downtown. All the fit bodies in Boise came together for one rockin' event to celebrate the fitness lifestyle.

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Some buff guys from Rocky Mountain Fitness gym tried to keep up with Patsy Rabdau.
After 1-arm pushups and other strength moves, these guys were tired!

They gave up and thought of something new...
Take off your shirts and posedown! (Cue the screaming girls in the audience.)

Manly muscles popped out of nowhere!
Front double biceps was called.

Who just walked on stage?!?
Craig Titus joins the group.

Who just walked on stage?!?
Who has a bigger back? It was close!

The other guys were in awe.
"Should I take them off?"

He didn't have to ask twice!
A few women in the audience just had their life long dream just come true.

Craig was wide as a house!
He almost took off with this pose.

The other guys were trying to keep up!
Craig was in good shape.

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