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Darin Worked Off 72 Pounds And 19% Body Fat While Gaining Slabs Of Muscle At The Same Time!

Darin was tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what he saw. Read on to learn how he gained the motivation to shed 72 pounds and 19% body fat while packing on pounds of muscle!

Before Before:
258 lbs
After After:
186 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Darin
BodySpace: dkf10425

Age: 34
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 258 lbs
Body Fat: 28%

Age: 42
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 186 lbs
Body Fat: 9%

Why I Got Started

After years of eating unhealthy foods and not exercising, my weight gradually increased to 258 pounds. I would indulge in any food I liked whenever I wanted. Pizza and a large dessert happened on an almost nightly basis. I had to buy bigger pants and shirts regularly because of my fat gains.

Aside from looking awful in the mirror, I had low energy levels and avoided many activities that required physical exertion. I knew my health was in jeopardy and I needed to make a change.

How I Did It

I started out walking and slowly jogging 3-4 days per week and educating myself about nutrition. Giving up the fast food and sweets was difficult. Gradually I became more disciplined with my diet, but I had moments at least twice per week when I would overeat on unhealthy foods. Losing the weight was a slow journey for me, the first year I lost 30 pounds.

It was during the second year of my transformation that I joined a gym. I specifically remember putting 135 on the bench and struggling to do one rep.

Losing The Weight Was A Slow Journey For Me.
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Losing The Weight Was A
Slow Journey For Me.

Gradually over a period of months my strength increased and friends and family started noticing I was losing a lot of weight. As my energy and self-confidence increased so did the intensity of my dedication. The second year I lost 40 more pounds.

Going into my third year my fitness activities increased even more. I joined a Jujutsu school and I was doing some form of exercise 5 days per week. Between the martial arts, weight training and eating healthy meals my weight was down to 168 pounds.

Jujutsu, literally meaning the "art of softness," or "way of yielding" is a collective name for Japanese martial art styles including unarmed and armed techniques.

It was at this point that I started slow bulking, eating 200-300 calories over maintenance with all healthy foods and high protein.

I would bulk for 6 months then cut the fat, then repeat the process. I did this many times and continue to do so until this day. I slowly gained muscle and my weight increased to 186 pounds.


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    Sunday: Chest And Triceps

    Monday: Off

    Tuesday: Back

    Wednesday: Martial Arts

    • Technique: 1 hour
    • Sparring, Pad Work, Or Grappling: 1 hour

    Thusday: Shoulders

    Friday: Off

    Saturday: Legs

Suggestions For Others

Work hard and you will see results. The health of you and your family are the most important things. Fitness is a lifelong thing, never give up.

Work Hard And You Will See Results.
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Work Hard And You Will See Results.