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An Interview With Sean Allan!

Big Sean Allan took some time off to answer some questions on what contests he is planning on competing in, who inspired him, his current stats, who he thinks will win the Olympia and more...

[ Q ] For those readers who may not know who you are, why don't you start off by telling us a bit about yourself?

    My name is Sean Allan from NJ. I'm a top national level Super-heavyweight Competitor and the 2002 JR. National Super-Heavyweight Champion. I placed 8th last year at the 2003 Nationals and currently getting ready to battle for that Pro-Card in Dallas on November 19 & 20.

[ Q ] As a child were you larger than other kids, and were you active or did that start later on in your life?

    As a child growing up I was always bigger then the other kids. My nickname was monster. I was just an average kid who stood out above others. Not musculature but always the tallest. Now that I have 3 kids of my own, I can remember how it was growing up...

    There the future now and I'm just paving them a path to live in.

[ Q ] How did you start bodybuilding?

    Simple... training for football & bodybuilding is essentially the same. When your lifting, the goal is strength to build muscle. You can't be weak and have an awesome body. The two aren't compatible.

    My football coach taught me the proper form and how to train. He set me up and I went on to love the iron game since. So after my short career in college playing outside-linebacker, I had to leave to raise a family and instead of continuing football, I personalized my athletic abilities and got into bodybuilding.

[ Q ] Did you have anyone who inspired you in your early days?

    I didn't have any role models who inspired me growing up. I came from a single parent home growing up and had to grow up fast. My experience with growing up by a single parent and experience as a football player helped give me the fortitude to compete in bodybuilding.

    A weaker man - one who's used to the support of a team-might not be so lucky. It's hard growing up with no father figure and it was tough but its just like bodybuilding, nothing in life comes easy and only the strong survive. My mom inspired me to keep my head up and keep striving.

[ Q ] What has been your best and worst contest placing so far?

    My best placing up to date are the 1999 JR. USA and 2002 JR. National Super-Heavyweight Championships. Both times I lost the overall to light-heavyweight guys... Ouch.

    I took 8th last year at 2003 Nationals and I am looking to climb to the top at the 2004 Nationals in 15 weeks.

[ Q ] What are your current stats?

    My current stats at 15 weeks out, I'm 315 and looking to compete at 275-280lbs ripped and dry.

[ Q ] At your size, what things are you limited to doing? (ex. I can't ride in certain cars, find clothes that fit, ride the rides at Disneyland, etc)

    At my size there are a lot of things that I am limited in. Those include small sports cars, any theme park rides and my kids hate that. I just cant fit in any of the rides... like Great Adventures or Disneyworld.

    All my friends have trucks or SUV'S, so I'm good on that end. Most of my clothes are brought from Big N' Tall Stores or custom made.

[ Q ] When you're bulking and weighing around 350 what's your diet like?

    I have weighed 350lbs before in the off-season and it was the worst feeling ever. I could barely breath and was so bloated and sluggish that it sucked. I was HUGE, but felt awful. I don't like being out of shape and too heavy.

    That's tough on your lungs and makes breathing difficult. I prefer to stay lean all year round now because of my marketability. Bodybuilding's not just about lifting and taking drugs, it's more than abs or big arms.

    You've got to have the finances, discipline, focus and good posture and be willing to work 365 days a year. You don't win shows by what the scale reads...

[ Q ] What is your training like when preparing for a contest? Off-season?

    When training for a contest, my goal is to lose a pound of body fat a week and reach my goal at 12 weeks. I train 6 days a week and cardio is part of that.

    Off-season is different. As I'm trying to pack on size, I train 2 days on and 1 day off and keep repeating cycle. Cardio is done 2 times a week during off-season.

[ Q ] Lets shift gears a little bit and talk about the Mr. Olympia. This year Ronnie Coleman is expected to come in weighing around 300 pounds and shredded to the glutes. Given that you are 6 inches taller than his 5'10, what weight do you think you would have to come in at to beat him in the future?

    Shifting gears to the present Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman is a pleasure. The man is a walking legend. He has been in the sport for many years and had to go through the ups n downs to reach the TOP.

    Making Ronnie look small at the 2004 Arnold Classic.

    It wasn't easy and I have nothing but respect for him. I know him personally and he has always represented the sport like a champion. At a height of 5'10 and expecting to weigh-in at this yrs Olympia at a height of 300lbs with shredded glutes. GOD-BLESS him...

    If he can do it, I'm sure he will put his guts on the line. Champions never quit and he is a champion that will be remembered by many. If I ever have the chance to compete against him I will need to be at least 330lbs on stage. I knows that's attainable for me but I can't do it alone. I need a sponsor to back me up....

[ Q ] What are your predictions on the 2004 Olympia? Do you think Ronnie will win? How about Jay or Gunter?

    My predictions for this years Olympia is Ronnie winning again. The man is a freak... You got to knock the champion down to beat him and I don't know of anyone who can match him pound for pound. Of course I would like to see some of the taller bodybuilders 6' and over to be the front runners. But I give credit whereas its deserved.

    Until your Mr. Olympia, you're just another bodybuilder and one more physique in an ocean of physiques. You've got to find a good hook, something unique, and I've got it: Size with a capital S and great looks...

    Who Do You Think Will Win The 2004 Mr. Olympia?
    Ronnie Coleman
    Jay Cutler
    Dexter Jackson
    Lee Priest
    Chris Cormier
    Gunter Schlierkamp
    Gustavo Badell
    Bob Cicherillo
    Kevin Levrone

[ Q ] What contests can people expect to see you at this year? And when can we expect Sean Allan to take over the IFBB?

    People can expect to see me competing this year in the Super-Heavyweight class at the Nationals in Dallas, Texas. I'm looking to come in at an all-time best and really bring the noise.

    I'm expecting to turn pro when I finally have the sponsorship and marketability to take it to the next level. It's hard raising a family of 3 and competing. That's why I respect the 2004 USA overall Champion Mark Dugdale. He has a family and still dedicated himself to win that pro card. That is a dream come true. Congrats to him on his achievements.

[ Q ] What are your future plans in the sport, and where do you see yourself five years from now?

    My future plans is winning that pro card and raising a happy family. Every bodybuilder wants to be the best and fantasize about being My. Olympia. I'm different... I'm going forward one step at a time. The most dangerous opponent facing me isn't bodybuilding... it isn't My. Olympia... it isn't even the leading competitor at any contest I enter... my biggest opponent is me, Big Sean Allan.

    If I can beat myself, I can't be defeated. Only the strong survive! My future is living to see another day. Life ain't promised tomorrows. I live one day at a time. Tomorrow's my future...

    I see myself in 5 years living life to the fullest. I know that there's politics in everything we do each day. I have never cried or made any excuses for placing low at a show. You see politics wherever you go - At the office, at the mill at school etc...

    Using politics as my excuse for not turning pro yet is not my thing. I would rather do my homework and hope for the best on the day of competition.

[ Q ] How can people contact you Sean?

    I want to thank Will and Ryan for the opportunity to do this interview. It's greatly appreciated to be viewed on the hottest website on the internet.

    Anyone interested in contacting me for sponsorship; I am available and can be reached at

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