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2005 Canadian National Fitness And Figure Contest Review - Part 3.

Check out this contest review from the Canadian National Fitness And Figure Competition. Looks like the competition was really tough.
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Canadian National Fitness And Figure
Competitor List:

Fitness Short:
Contestant # Name Province Place
#1. Antonia Grady B.C. 2nd place
#2. Myriam Capes PQ 1st place
#3. Tara Grant AB
#4. Nicole Grabowski MB
#5. Tracey McDonald NS 3rd place

Fitness Tall:
Contestant # Name Province Place
#1. Lindsay Emery BC
#2. Tanis Hill AB
#3. Serena Cooper AB
#4. Christina Mehling MB 1st place
Overall Fitness Pro Card Winner
#5. Renee Berard BC 3rd place
#6. Jamie Senuk AB 2nd place
#7. Charlotte Ferguson MB

Figure Short:
Contestant # Name Province Place
#1. Angela Robinson AB 1st place
#2. Maryse Clement PQ 2nd place

Figure Medium:
Contestant # Name Province Place
#1. Deanne Brown MB
#2. Michelle Hebert MB
#3. Jill St. Laurent AB 1st place
#4. Joelle Murphy MB
#5. Allison Black AB
#6. Renee Claude Carrier PQ
#7. Tanya Villebrun AB
#8. Patricia Barrier PQ
#9. Trina Gills AB 3rd place
#10. Emmanuella Pintus ON 2nd place
#11. Melinda Brace SK
#12. Angie Morelli BC
#13. Melissa Tompkins BC
#14. Kim Hildebrandt MB

Figure Tall:
Contestant # Name Province Place
#1. Michelle Jacobsen MB
#2. Jan Cowie AB
#3. Andrea Michaud PQ
#4. Tammy Strome ON 1st place
Overall Fitness Pro Card Winner
#5. Jennie Briscoe BC 3rd place
#6. Roberta Orth BC
#7. Tamara Regenwetter-Gawlik AB
#8. Nina Luchka ON 2nd place

Canadian National Fitness And Figure

The 2005 National Fitness & Figure show took place on Saturday, April 23rd at the Manitoba Theatre Center in downtown Winnipeg. Athletes from Fort Nelson, B.C. all the way to Nova Scotia made the trip to represent their respective Provinces in one of the earliest Nationals shows in quite some time.

Many provinces' Provincial level shows aren't taking place until later on this year, which left the registration list quite sparse, at only 36 total competitors.

But that certainly doesn't mean that the show was lacking in quality athletes. Quite the contrary, actually. Tim Huffner, president of the MABBA, and Janie Keith, IFBB Fitness Pro, hosted the competition.

In addition to the high-caliber athletes ON stage, there were several big names out in the crowd. Debbie Leung, IFBB Figure Pro, was on hand to present the Overall Figure trophy, and Sandra Wickham, IFBB Fitness Pro, not only handed out the Overall Fitness award, but also came to support some of the athletes that she trained for the show.

Fitness Competitors

    Both morning and night shows started with the Fitness competitors' physique round. Sporting two-piece color suits, the five Fitness Short class participants wowed the crowd. B.C.'s Antonia Grady and Quebec's Myriam Capes had amazing confidence and stage presence, as well as outstanding physiques.

    It was a tough class, with Alberta's Tara Grant, Manitoba's Nicole Grabowski and the lean and ever-powerful Tracey McDonald from Nova Scotia rounding out the competition. And that was just the Physique round!


    The Fitness short class went on to the routine round, and Myriam Capes of Quebec dominated the stage. She brought a powerful, high-energy, flawless performance in both the morning and night shows.

    Her confidence, attitude and audience captivation were seemingly impossible to beat. She was definitely a tough act to follow. Tracey McDonald donned an impressive kimono when she stepped on stage to deliver her fun and creative routine.


    Following the Fitness short category was Fitness Tall. Jamie Senuk and Christina Mehling had stellar physiques, which drew great audience appreciation. The stage presence of the entire class was awe-inspiring. And when it came to the routines, it wasn't hard to pick the top three.

    Alberta's Jamie Senuk brought an action-packed 'Fire' themed routine to the crowd, showing great creativity and facial expression - not to mention some very difficult and impressive strength holds.

    Christina Mehling of Manitoba made excellent use of the stage, flashing a beautiful smile throughout her high-energy presentation. Her routine and physique came together to earn her the Overall Fitness award, and an IFBB Pro card application.

    Renee Berard of B.C. (trained by Sandra Wickham and fiancé Ross Webb) kept all eyes on her as she strutted her way across the stage, entertaining everyone in the building.

Figure Competitors

    Then came the Figure competition, beginning with the Short class.


    Although there were only 2 competitors in this category, Alberta's Angela Robinson brought a perfect physique to the stage. Combined with her outstanding stage presence and crowd-pleasing ability, there was no doubt that she deserved the first place win.

    Angela made great gains in her physique since her last year's appearance at Nationals, and the changes were recognized and rewarded by Head Judge Debbie Karpenko and her team of National judges.


    Figure medium came next and boy, was it fierce. Fourteen girls took to the stage for a tough competition. There were a variety of looks in the lineup, from muscular and full to tapered and lean. And both were rewarded.

    Jill St. Laurent of Alberta looked absolutely stunning in all 3 rounds. She increased her overall muscle mass since last year's show, working extra hard on her legs. And it didn't go un-noticed.

    Jill took the first place win in the Figure medium class. But it couldn't have been an easy decision. Trina Gillis and Allison Black, also from Alberta, both had incredible shape, muscularity, symmetry and beauty.

    Emmanuela Pintus of Ontario brought a full and muscular look to the stage, and took the 2nd place win. Trina Gillis did very well, earning the 3rd place win.


    The second largest group of competitors was the final group, comprised of the Figure tall girls. And I have to say I would NOT have wanted to judge this one! Tammy Strome (Ontario) and Nina Luchka (B.C.) were incredible. Amazing. Fabulous. And they weren't the only ones.

    B.C.'s Jennie Briscoe and Roberta Orth weren't far behind. British Columbia certainly dominated this class. Tammy smiled, posed, flexed and awed her way to a first place win, an Overall Figure win, and an application for an IFBB Pro card!

    And it was very well deserved. The beautiful Nina Luchka came second, and Jennie Briscoe's full and muscular physique earned her the 3rd place win.

As with any National level competition, there has definitely been some controversy over the final standings in some of the classes. But suffice it to say that every one of those girls put a lot of hard work, heart and soul into reaching that stage, and they all deserve Congratulations. Way to go, ladies. Don't give up!

Canadian National Fitness And Figure

Figure Short:
1st: Angela Robinson: Edmonton, Alberta
2nd: Maryse Clement: Quebec

Figure Medium:
1st: Jill St. Laurent: Edmonton, Alberta
2nd: Emmanuela Pintus: Ontario
3rd: Trina Gillis: Red Deer, Alberta

Figure Tall:
1st: Tammy Strome: Ontario - OVERALL FIGURE WINNER, Earns Pro Card
2nd: Nina Luchka: Ontario
3rd: Jeni Briscoe: British Columbia

Fitness Short:
1st: Myriam Capes: Quebec
2nd: Antonia Grady: British Columbia
3rd: Tracey McDonald: Nova Scotia

Fitness Tall:
1st: Christina Mehling: Winnipeg, Manitoba - OVERALL FITNESS WINNER, Earns Pro Card
2nd: Jamie Senuk: Edmonton, Alberta
3rd: Renee Berard: British Columbia

There was also an award for best fitness routine, and Myriam Capes won it.
(It was AMAZING)

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