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2005 Canadian National Fitness And Figure Contest Review - Part 2.

Check out this contest review from the Canadian National Fitness And Figure Competition. Looks like the competition was really tough.

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Canadian National Fitness And Figure
Competition Interviews

Competitor Name: Jennie Briscoe
Competition Class: Figure tall
Province: British Columbia
Placing: 3rd

I sat down with Jennie after a photo shoot on Friday afternoon.

[ AM ] - Asha Menon
[ JB ] - Jennie Briscoe

[ AM ] So, Jennie, how did make it to the National Figure level? How are you feeling?

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[ AM ] Great to see you back. So, what have you changed about your physique for this show?

    [ JB ] I've increased overall size, kept my shoulders bigger, and I'm leaner overall. I've increased by about 10 pounds, and I think I'm bringing a good package to the show.

[ AM ] Are you looking forward to some 'non-diet' food after the show?

    [ JB ] Actually, I'm craving chips or something salty, but I'm doing the Emerald Cup show next weekend, so that's a no-no. I'll be happy when I can drink some water!

[ AM ] Who has helped you to get to this point?

    [ JB ] My husband Darcy, who's here to support me. Also, I want to thank my sponsors, Bio-X, Fit Villa Photography, and Mary Kay. And of course all my friends and family have been behind me all the way.

[ AM ] Good luck, Jennie!

Competitor Name: Tanis Hill
Competition class: Fitness tall
Province: Alberta

[ TH ] - Tanis Hill

[ AM ] Hi Tanis! So you're here with your fiancé, Taso, ready to take on the National stage once again?

[ AM ] So your last show was Nationals last year?

    [ TH ] Yes, I finished 4th in my class last year.

[ AM ] And what have you done differently this year?

    [ TH ] Well, first of all, I'm dieting with Brian and Donna Logue for the first time. I actually liked this diet and I'm coming in with less body fat than last year. I'm leaner, and I've increased my upper body mass.

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[ AM ] And how about your routine?

    [ TH ] It's a new routine, and I'm pretty excited about it!

[ AM ] Are you ready for tomorrow?

    [ TH ] Yes, I am!

[ AM ] Anyone you'd like to thank?

    [ TH ] I'd like to thank my fiancé Taso for his support, as well as the Logues for their hard work and support.

Competitor Name: Tammy Strome
Competition Class: Figure tall
Province: Ontario
Placing: 1st in class, Overall Figure champion, earned Pro card

I was fortunate to catch up with Tammy in between photo shoots on Friday afternoon.

[ TS ] - Tammy Strome

[ AM ] It's great to meet you, Tammy! How are you feeling?

[ AM ] You have been a fitness competitor for years now. Why the change to Figure?

    [ TS ] I've been plagued by injuries, and forced out of Fitness.

[ AM ] And how have you found the transition?

    [ TS ] I think that Figure athletes need to be a bit tighter and smaller than Fitness girls, because they don't need to have the power to propel them through a routine. So, I've done a complete overhaul of my body since last year. I was 130 lbs. and about 8% body fat on stage last year. This year, I'm coming in at 125 lbs. and slightly under 8%.

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    I've worked really hard at bringing my legs in really tight. I've also taken the focus off my rhomboids and upper back, as I don't need the strength quite as much to support the holds that are done in a fitness routine.

[ AM ] And how are you feeling about the competition this year?

    [ TS ] I feel very good.

[ AM ] Anyone in particular that you're worried about?

    [ TS ] Worried? No. Do I know who I'm up against? Absolutely. Nina Luchka is going to be my toughest competition. But I've done my homework and I feel very good about it.

[ AM ] Do you have any predictions for the show?

    [ TS ] Actually, I do. I plan to win my class and the Overalls. I'm getting my Pro card this year.

[ AM ] Good for you. When it's all over, how are you going to reward yourself?

    [ TS ] Hmm... cheesecake, pizza and Turtles!

[ AM ] And who are your supporters? Do you want to send out any thank-yous?

    [ TS ] I want to thank my boyfriend, Clarence, who's here with me. I can also feel lots of energy being sent from home. I'd like to thanks Kary Odiatu for her make-up tips, Laura Bennetti, Rose, Stephanie Worsfold, Martha (Lombardo) Grant, and all of my friends.

Competitor Name: Allison Black
Competition Class: Figure medium
Province: Alberta
Placing: 4th

Allison Black has been competing as a Fitness athlete for a number of years now. Her last-minute decision to compete in the Provincial Figure show in 2004 was a wise one. She not only took her class, but also the Overall title, earning her a lifetime bi on the National Figure stage.

[ AB ] - Allison Black

[ AM ] How do you feel about making the crossover into Figure?

[ AM ] And how do you feel about this particular competition?

[ AM ] What have you done differently?

[ AM ] What is your goal for this show?

    [ AB ] I'd like to do better than last year, where I placed 6th. I want to be top 5. I'd be really happy to be top 3.

[ AM ] Any predictions for the other classes?

    [ AB ] Nina (Luchka) and Tammy (Strome) look great. As far as Fitness goes, I think the Pro card will either go to Myriam Capes or Jamie Senuk.

[ AM ] Is there anyone you'd like to acknowledge?

    [ AB ] Yes! I want to say 'Hello!' and thanks to my fiancÃƧ© Craig, who can't be here this year. I also want to thank Asha, Raejha (trainer), Jamie and Angela for their support. Thanks and hello to my parents, my dog Bruno, Kristine, and the other girls at home. Wish you could be here!

Angela Robinson & Allison Black
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Competitor Name: Christine Mehling
Competition class: Fitness Tall
Province: Manitoba
Placing: 1st in class, Overall Fitness champion, earns Pro card

I had a chance to catch up to Christina after her big win. Her husband Darren pre-arranged an interview, and I'm glad he did!

[ CM ] - Christine Mehling

[ AM ] Congratulations, Christina! How are you feeling?

[ AM ] Did you expect the Pro card win?

    [ CM ] I expected (and aimed for) a first place win in my class.

[ AM ] So how did you qualify for this show, and who helped you to get here?

    [ CM ] I qualified at the Manitoba Provincials in 2003. My trainer Marc Sauvestre (Quebec City) has helped me to make it this far.

Christina Mehling & Jamie Senuk
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[ AM ] What did you bring to this competition that gave you the advantage?

    [ CM ] I'm harder and leaner than ever and have really polished my routine.

[ AM ] Who choreographed your routine?

    [ CM ] I actually did it myself. I had help from Carrie Carrier, who's a gymnastics coach.

[ AM ] So what are your plans, now that you're a Fitness Pro?

    [ CM ] I have no long-term Fitness plans right now. I'm considering competing in Figure, but I haven't really decided yet.

[ AM ] Is there anyone you'd like to thank?

    [ CM ] Definitely. I want to thank my husband Darren Mehling, my trainer Marc Sauvestre, my friends and my support group.