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The Belarus Fat Loss Experiment: A Talk With Vladimir Vasiliev - Part 2.

I asked what their secret was for getting as lean as they do and a big guy came over, he was massive and his body fat looked like it was made of rice paper... Part two!

    Vlad: Like I said do that for 4 weeks and eat healthy food and you will wake up skinny.

[ Simon: ] It sounds like a really good routine, are you a personal trainer here in Belarus?

    Vlad: Why does a person need training? If you are asking me if I am a fitness instructor then I am not, we don't have that as a profession here in Russia and if we ever do I will think that the country has gotten worse, yet I will become one because I hear that they can make a lot of money.

[ Simon: ] Vlad are you aware of America becoming a Kettlebell nation and wanting to compete in the World Championships? What are your thoughts on this?
    Vlad: My friend told me that they have started and that they are getting good numbers, I feel that it will give the sport more reason to compete, every since the cold war finished, Russians have always wanted to beat the Americans at something, and I hope we can do this but if they are getting good numbers then it might be another cold war wouldn't that be the case comrade?

[ Simon: ] I agree that it could almost be classed as a cold war but a good one, how has the sport evolved since you started to now? Do you like these changes and what would you like to see in the future?
    Vlad: When I started a man could go for as long as he needed, yet now you have ten minutes, this is a good thing though. Also I noticed that technique is very different, again this change is needed to get more numbers.

    I really like these changes as I think it has brought more people into the sport. I would like to see more mixed competition as I think that women could do very well in the sport and with them competing against the men then it would push them more than just competing against other women.

    Another thing I would like to see is the world championships to contain more countries such as America, Australia, Britain, Canada, France, China, and other countries. Having said all of that I am not sure what countries are in the world championships, but I would love to compete with those countries.

[ Simon: ] Moving on, do you think that diet is important?
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    Vlad: Well living on air is stupid, and a lot of Americans do it. But in all honesty I am a firm believer in eating healthy food and not over eating. For example I eat four times a day and I feel better than I have in my whole life.

    I don't worry about what I eat but I do like to eat as much meat as possible, yet I grew a lot of muscle on a potato and porridge diet. My eating style is not scientific and I think that maybe America will have advantage over us because they know more about nutrition than we do.

[ Simon: ] How do you recover?
    Vlad: I eat enough food for my body, I also go swimming in cold water first thing in the morning and I work my joint according to Amosov guidelines every morning. This, I feel, keeps me on top of my kettlebell lifting.

[ Simon: ] What are your thoughts about bodybuilding considering you are a huge man yourself?
    Vlad: I liked the sport many years ago yet it has become sick. There's just too much drugs in it for my liking, but then you have drugs in every sport don't you. All in all it is good and it is a good change every now and then to do a 4 week bodybuilding routine.

    From what I hear the bodybuilders from America, Australia and Britain have fake muscle, I don't like the idea of that but what ever you are into you will do I guess.

[ Simon: ] Vlad I think we will leave it there, thank you and is there anything else you wanted to say before we go and do some more training?
    Vlad: Yes I wanted to say that I have enjoyed talking with you and I hope to see you at the world championships next year (2005), you said that you were going to publish this article, so I would like to tell anyone reading that kettlebell lifting is simple.

    There are a lot of things to learn, but once you know these things everything else is simple and that is how life should be. If you haven't used a kettlebell before you should try it. The most important thing I want everyone to know is live a good life, eat potatos, and drink vodka. Also not having a credit card won't kill you.

[ Simon: ] Well said and thank you for your time Vlad we will have to have a few drinks tonight and talk some more.
    Vlad: Sure Simon we can do that.
That was the conversation that took place two days ago, Belarus is a fascinating place and I am learning a lot from everyone here, I don't want to go home but when my job is finished I will have to go home. Anyway, below is the routine that was outlined to me.

    Clean and jerk long cycle: 8 x RM*
    Hanging leg raises: 4 x 6

Tuesday and Thursday
    Side press: as many sets of five as possible
    Rest for 10 minutes.
    Pull-ups/Chin-ups: as many sets as you did with the side press

*(RM stands for Repetition Maximum or the amount of reps it would take you to do something before your form starts to deteriorate)

Now if you are carrying a bit more weight than you or society want try this simple but brutal routine for 4 weeks and you should get ripped without some exotic supplement.

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Simon Forsyth is a Freelance journalist and has been lifting weights for almost 9 years. He was Australia's First certified kettlebell instructor and is available for private or group training as well as phone consultation and Internet coaching. You can reach him at:

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