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The 2004 MuscleMania Weekend: Results, Pics & More...

Almost 400 competitors converged on Anaheim, California at the Marriott Hotel near Disneyland for the MuscleMania, Ms. Bikini America, Fitness America Pageant and Model America Championships. Read on to see what happened from these events...

They came from around the world! Almost 400 competitors converged on Anaheim, California at the Marriott Hotel near Disneyland for the MuscleMania, Ms. Bikini America, Fitness America Pageant and Model America Championships.

Ready, Set, Compete! .
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Competitors from across the USA and from far flung reaches of the world. From Australia, Japan, Italy, England, from across South and Central America, Indonesia and more. They all came to compete with their peers, having worked and prepared to do their best.

During three long days, these carb starved competitors flexed their muscles and strutted their stuff. Much different than other competitions these beautiful bodies were often in unusual costumes and outlandish outfits.

From posing suits to evening wear, we also saw fencing outfits, motorcycle leathers, sexy American Indian fringe, frumpy bathrobes and Indonesian wrappings.

These diligently prepared and conditioned athletes flew through the air, breathed fire and posed to their superbly rehearsed routines.

One Tragedy Among The Joy

Early on Friday morning one competitor was injured. Leading off the show was the Fitness Preliminary. These women perform the most arduous routines leaping across the hard stage and jumping higher than imaginable. It was during her "Lumberjack" routine that Shana Martin came down hard injuring her leg.

Shana Martin

It was only after a few moments of disbelief that she realized that she was really hurt and out of the competition. Her tears brought sadness to the crowd as she was carried off stage and went off to the hospital. But by the end of the day she was back with a smile on her face.

Shana Martin

Shana had suffered a pretty serious injury and would probably face a surgery back home but she will be okay. You see Shana is pretty tough! This personal trainer from Wisconsin also does logrolling, pole vault, karate, triathlons, gymnastics, and cardio kickboxing. Shana also had had more serious difficulty in her life to live with and overcome.

Her mother, while Shana was a young child, had to be placed in a nursing home permanently stricken with Huntington's Disease, a disease that Shana now has a 50% chance of contracting.

Shana has a great website with more information about her and also about Huntington's Disease at Maybe we will see her at another competition soon!

A Very Special Customer Goes Home A Winner

Ryan Ortizo, a 28 year old personal trainer from Montreal, Canada goes home with the Bantam Weight Trophy as well as a special award in the Physical Disability category. You see, Ryan was born with a deformed leg much smaller than the other and an open side.

This 5'3", 115 lb powerhouse has gone through 20 surgeries in his lifetime and lives with serious disabilities. But nothing stops Ryan who worked out 6 days per week and as much as 6 hours per day to prepare for this competition. And this Bantam Weight benches 270 lbs!

Ryan Ortizo (center)

Ryan also does rock climbing, competition dancing, wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu and Kaju Kendo. In his personal training business he pays special attention to working with other people with disabilities, the elderly as well as people who find him especially motivating. This was Ryan's 7th and most successful competition. We can all learn more about Ryan at his website,

And Ryan is more than happy to say that he is a customer of, getting the best prices and selection on all of his creatine, protein and glutamine!

Ryan Ortizo


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