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An Interview With Abbas Khatami.

Learn all about upcoming superstar Abbas Khatami. Find out what is next for him, EXACTLY how he trains, what supplements he takes, his Olympia predictions and much more...

[ Q ] For starters, let the readers know your full name, how tall are you, how old are you and what is your contest and off-season weight?

    Name: Abbas Khatami
    Age: 29 years old
    Height: 5'8"
    Contest Weight: 240lbs
    Off-season Weight: 270lbs

[ Q ] The Olympia is coming up next weekend, are you going to be there?

    Yes, I will be at the Olympia this year. I will be meeting, greeting, promoting my new workout DVD, and signing pics for the fans. This DVD was just filmed after winning the Super Heavy Class at the 2004 IFBB North American Championships

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[ Q ] You recently launched a new website, what else is new in your life?

    After winning the Super Heavy Class at the 2004 IFBB North American Championships I filmed my first workout video illustration how I trained this past year to put on 15-lbs of contest muscle in one year. I will have these DVD's at the Olympia for sale for anyone who is interested.

    Also if anyone would like to order a copy they can contact me at or through my site at

    I just also recently purchased a new car the new Chrysler 300c. Damn, it's a beautiful car.

[ Q ] What got your started into bodybuilding and why?

    Well, while I was in high school I was wrestling and during the off seasons of wrestling I would workout for the next season. Each year I was coming back to wrestling stronger and bigger. So, after I graduated High school I decided to do my first show.

    It was the East Coast Tournament of Champions, it was Yonnie Shambourger's show in Maryland. I did the teen division and got second place.

    After that show I was hooked and I knew then and there I wanted to be a bodybuilder and turn pro. I just liked seeing the changes in the mirror and watching my body change.

[ Q ] You competed at the 2004 NPC USA's in July and beat out David "Jumbo" Palumbo… How did it feel beating a veteran bodybuilder that has been competing for more than 5 years than your self?

    Well, the first time I saw Dave was when I watched a video of him winning the 1995 Jr. Nationals. He was damn FREAKY. I was like this is what I have to compete against in the future. I had just won the 1995 Collegiate Nationals at the time and I was only 191 lbs.

    I thought to myself damn I have a long way to go to compete with that. While standing on stage with the big boys and Dave, I was surprised to be called out before Dave. But after seeing the video I saw that I had enough size to hang with any of those guys on stage. It was just weird finally moving up to the super heavy class after all these year and beating out well named guys.

    Now though I am confident of my ability to come in to the supers heavier and harder. I'm not worried about any of the supers now.

[ Q ] What improvements are you looking to make for your next contest to place higher?

    This next year my concentration will be on my chest and arm thickness still. I just have such wide clavicles that it is hard to fill up the chest area and make it thick. Also I have long arms and I am almost there but just need a little more on my triceps to fill out the arms.

    Pics taken during filming of my video.

    Also, I want to harden up all the muscle I have put on this past year to come in to the next show completely shredded.

[ Q ] What upcoming contest will you be competing at?

    The next show will be the 2005 USA and if I don't win there I will be doing the 2005 IFBB North American Championship.

[ Q ] How long have you been competing for?

    I have been competing for exactly 10 years now.

[ Q ] You got some huge guns, what is the best biceps routine you have used?

    Well, I have finally found out what works for me just within the past year. I now do cable one are preacher curls then incline dumbbell curls then some sort of dumbbell hammer curls. That will be on Monday then on Thursday I will just do one set of 100's of cable standing curl. This just engorges the muscle will blood.

    I will do the same for triceps. I will have my regular tricep day then like three days later do 100's for triceps with rope pushdowns.

[ Q ] Can you give us what your workout regimen looks like?

[ Q ] What about your diet?

    My diet is pretty much the same all year long. I eat 8 times a day when I am training twice a day. If I am training once a day I only eat 7 times a day.

    • Meal 1 is oatmeal and protein powder.

    • Meal 2 is rice and steak.

    • Meal 3 is my post workout meal which will be a carb drink and a protein drink.

    • Meal 4 is rice and chicken.

    • Meal 5 is chicken and asparagus.

    • Meal 6 is another post workout meal, same as above.

    • Meal 7 is steak and rice again.

    • My last meal of the day will be 10 egg whites with one whole egg and a protein shake with a few rice cakes.

[ Q ] How often do you cheat on your diet and what is your favorite cheat meal?

    Well, when I get ready for a show I don't cheat at all. If I want something to eat that is kind of off my diet while getting ready for a show it will be sushi.

    I will go to my favorite restaurant which is down the street from my house and actually weigh the amount of rice I am supposed to have for that meal and eat that with the as much sashimi as I want.

    So, pretty much my favorite meal off my diet while getting ready for a show is sushi. It doesn't affect the way I look at all.

    Off-season though I eat my regular diet but if I want I will have what ever I want for one meal maybe. That is usually a hamburger from Carl's Jr.

[ Q ] What are you favorite supplements and why?

The Supplements I Use Are:

[ Q ] What did you study at Arizona State University?

    I studied Human Nutrition.

[ Q ] Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

    In five years I would have competed in numerous pro shows. Also, I plan on having my own business. I am working on the idea now and getting investors as we speak.

Pics taken during filming of my video.

[ Q ] What 3 things could be done to make competitive bodybuilding more mainstream?

    Gear toward the public by advertising on the TV, Newspaper, and for like maybe 3 months prior to the Mr. Olympia on PPV TV Have more bodybuilders on talk shows. Show the other side of bodybuilding.

[ Q ] What is your biggest pet peeve?

    Lairs, I hate it when I know that someone is lying to my face and they can't admit it even when I know they are lying.

[ Q ] What are your top 5 predictions for the Olympia?

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  3. Dennis
  4. Dexter
  5. Chris Cormier

[ Q ] How can your fans contact you?

[ Q ] Anything else you would like to share with

    Just want to thank you for taking out the time to interview me. Also to all my fans and friends I want to thank you for all your support. For anyone going to the Mr. Olympia be sure to stop by the Europa booth. I will be having a DVD player playing my video for people to watch.

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